Up and Running!

Since last October, I have been a market skeptic. Realizing that the world economy was facing a once in a lifetime deflationary collapse, I started closely tracking developments in the stock and credit markets. I also started writting emails warning friends and family about dangers in the economy. Before I knew it, a year has passed and I have written over hundred covering the financial crisis. Since writing observations about the economy's deflationary collapse has become a regular habit, I though it made sense to start a blog. Hence the birth of the Market Skeptic blog.

On this public blog site I will continue to post my observations, ideas, commentaries, dire warnings, tips and tid-bits. I will add links to the news sites and blogs I regularly frequent. I hope this blog will be a great success and help investors preserve/grow their investments. I welcome comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

To all my fellow market skeptics... I look forward to us having a great portal to discuss the forces and trends shaping market!

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