Fears Fueling Firearms Sales

Star Exponent reports that Fears fueling firearms sales:

(emphasis mine)

Fears fueling firearms sales
By GREG WELTER - Staff Writer
Posted: 12/04/2008 12:19:07 AM PST

Some Butte County residents may find a surprising gift under the Christmas tree this year: a firearm.

Like elsewhere in the U.S., gun sales locally are skyrocketing, reportedly based on fears that President-elect Barack Obama will crack down on the right to bear arms, possibly prohibiting some types of firearms altogether.

A more realistic fear — a spike in the crime rate due to economic hard times — is also playing a role.

The run on gun shops has reportedly been growing since Obama became the Democrat nominee, and heated further just after the election.

At the Tackle Box, on East Park Avenue in Chico, owner Richard Peeples said he can't keep firearms in stock.

"We're back-ordered on just about everything," he said.

Peeples noted that home defense weapons, like shotguns with shorter barrels that are easier to maneuver in a tight space, are especially popular.

"This is all thanks to the election," Peeples said, adding that his customers feel that way.

At Huntington's Sportsman's Store in Oroville, employee Craig Bentley said gun sales have increased dramatically in the past few months.

He suspects that at least some of them are being purchased as Christmas gifts. "On Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) we had our best day ever," Bentley said. "We sold over $40,000 worth of firearms."

But he noted hunting rifles outsold handguns, whose primary purpose is home protection. Among handguns, he said the more potent pistols —

9 mm, .40-caliber and .45-caliber — were the most in demand.

My reaction: Now isn't that reassuring: Gun sales are booming! It isn't a coincidence that there are shortages of both gold and guns. It is a sign that confidence in our economy is rapidly deteriorating.

This brings me to a question I have been wondering: what do you get when you combine an economic collapse, probable shortages of food/gas, and an oversupply of guns? I don't know, but it will not be pretty.

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  1. Dave says:

    As Dirty Harry said in one of the Dirty Harry movies (I think it was the second one, Magnum Force), "There's nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot."


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