Fred Thompson Explains The Bailouts (hilarious)

Here is a fun video of Fred Thompson explaining the bailouts:

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  1. Dread says:

    Not to take away anything from Sen. Thompson, but do you think that even he can educate us on just who Roger Sherman was?

    Question, in FOUR simple words, why was a Constitutional convention called in 1787? I'll give a hint...

    To STOP a f _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ m _ _ _ _ _ o _ e _ _ _ _ _ _ _,

    Of course, there is always a second part to the answer. The answer to the second part is within the first part. We only have to change ONE word here to get the answer.

    Obligate government to ensure r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ m _ _ _ _ _ o_ e _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

    That's it! That's why we had a Constitutional convention. We really didn't need a Bill of Rights. Govt. need not grant or guarantee any "rights," already granted (and acknowledge in the Declaration) by a Creator, that it can later decide to rescind by its same granting powers.

    Now you know why we are in this economic mess, and will continue to do so until we rediscover the "spirit" and "purpose" of the first convention...

    It is really THAT simple. No need to analyze anymore beyond that. Otherwise, we will continue to squalor like the swine we are...

  2. Dread says:


    Please embed this video for all to witness. The author of this montage is to be congratulated. You can call Dr. Paul and Schiff prophets if you wish. At least for Dr. Paul, EVERYTHING he predicted back in 2002 is coming to pass...

  3. toeg says:

    It's pretty funny to hear a Republican politician tell us that our Republican president and his policies over the past 8 years are what got us here and we need to listen to the same Republican administration once again in order to get out of it. I thought the Democrats were the party of spend and more spend. Guess I better revamp my definitions. Now we have a Republican president who creates policy (e.g. auto bailout) and is backed wholeheartedly by a Democrat Congress (?) and booed by his own Republican politicians who, according to them, are against the Democrat plan first written by the president. Does anyone have an up to date program to follow this??

  4. Big Jon says:

    Oh, this is very funny. I like Fred, he is very common since for a Hollywood personality.

  5. Anonymous says:

    toeg: i would be happy to help you with that. Take your definition of republicans and erase it... then in its place draw an arrow to democrats.

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