Peter Schiff Analogies about Economic Crisis

Peter Schiff uses analogies to describe the current economic crisis.

My reaction: Peter Schiff's common sense explanations of America's economic problems are fun, but also sad because they are true. I personally enjoyed the analogies about the island and the fence.

Here are two more Peter Schiff videos for those of you who are interested:

Peter Schiff VS Wall Street Promoters

Great Video About The Dollar's Collapse

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0 Responses to Peter Schiff Analogies about Economic Crisis

  1. Dread says:

    Eric, you do know that Schiff is an "Austrian?" He was Ron Paul's chief economic adviser (Paul being no "economic" slouch himself). Being that both Schiff and Paul being vindicated each and every passing day since their predictions back in 2001/2002, the "Austrian" school will have to be conceded by the "others" as paramount in its thinking and proper analyses as we get closer and closer to collapse...

  2. Yohay says:

    Very nice compilation. Lots of funny metaphors.
    But the truth behind his words is painful: America wasted too much money, and it's hard to make the change.

  3. Anonymous says:

    most of these are in crash proof which is a great great must-read book

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