How China’s dollar peg works

I have been doing a lot of research on currency pegs, and I haven't had time to do a full length blog entry. I did, however, make this chart.

Tomorrow I will write a longer entry on the implications of the chart above and respond to recent comments.

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  1. b ~ nc, usa says:


    I really enjoy your analysis and commentary, however, please proof read your work.

    "Tomorrow I will be write a longer entry on the implications..."

    it will only serve to lend credibility to your work.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Keep up the excellent work brother. Shedding light on this murky tangle is no easy chore. Its funny, many of the people I talk to about our situation think I'm paranoid. That the system will work out. Your site has proved invaluable with its clarity. Hopefully things won't get this dodgy over here, freedom of speech is something very dear to me:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. keep on keeping on.

  3. I removed the extra "be".

    "Tomorrow I will write a longer entry on the implications..."

    I do hope my credibility can survive the occasional typo. :]

  4. Yohay says:

    This chart helps understand the flow of money.
    Waiting to read the full explanation...

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