Dollar Crash Coming SOON!

As Glenn Beck from Fox News points out clearly, the dollar crash is coming SOON!

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14 Responses to Dollar Crash Coming SOON!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dollar crash...perhaps soon.

    I follow your writing and think they're a valuable resource, but I'm over 50, with a bit of worldly experience and I have memories of people calling for the end of times since childhood.

    Consider this, the wise Mark Twain once remarked... "don't worry about trouble ahead because 9 times out of 10 it will run off the track on it's way to you".

    More timely, look at today's (feb24 2009) market. Gold was down 3 to 4 percent.

    What I'm getting at is that Dollar hasn't yet been spurned by the world despite all the naysayers. It appears deeply flawed, but all it's competitors have (so far) merely talked the talk, not walked the walk (sort of like Obama tonight..but I digress).

    Yes, I see the reasons to embrace gold and shun the dollar, only experience tells me not to jump ship untill I have to step UP to the lifeboat.

    that being say, I am into physical gold...just not over 50%.

  2. Anonymous says:


    this is not important, this is Fox news. Please stick to your recent style.

    The end on the world or the dollar might be still delayed for a while. There are certainly a lot of people working on that... which have a lot to say and are heavily into dollars. They certainly wont go out of this game broke.

    In addition I thing that all people openly suggesting or enforcing Gold and making the case for it want to profit from it in the short or intermediate term by shorting or selling gold.

    Time will tell...

  3. Anonymous says:

    sound point...
    will there be enough lifeboats?
    remember the titanic...
    will your gold be confiscated?

  4. Martijn says:


    First of all I always enjoy reading your site, keep up the good work, I'm sure it's very valuable to many!

    As for this topic: this Fox News Glenn Beck movie is a bit dated, an besides there has been (in logic) pressure on the dollar for quite a while. The movie is not relevant enough to justify the screaming title.

    What you are doing here is searching for confirmative evidence of your assumption that there will be a run on the dollar soon. There has been enough confirmatory information for a couple of years and so far nothing truely spectacular has happend to the dollar. So far a "soft landing" has been persued causing the dollar to fall slowly since the beginning of this decade, a trend that might remain intact even though we have seen a recent rally.

    Al in all the USD seems a bit overbought and might continue the downward trend that has started around the millenium.

    As far as gold is concerned, it sure seems like a good capital insurance and I would also reckommend owning some of it physically. However, I have so far not heard of anybody being into gold for over 50 percent, as it still is a highly volatile asset and hence owning it also exposes one to some downside risk.

    All in all there has been some risk off a run on the dollar for quite some time, and most likely this risk will remain. Hence the scenario's that you've outlined have some chance of actually occuring. However using caps lock, stars (***) or exclamtions will not increase that chance and alternative scenario's are also likely.

    As Mark Twain said: "Do not worry about trouble ahead. Nine times out of ten it will run off the track on it's way to you"

  5. Hugo says:

    To the first Anonymous: A temporal down in gold does not mean much, specially after weeks of going up. In fact, it was expected: (published the day before gold started going down).

    It seems its the last down before gold goes up to $1300. Will see what happens. But the dollar is doomed. I am convinced it wont go through this crisis. And I have a feeling that it will happen sooner than most people expect.

  6. Bowtie says:

    I like Glenn Beck, he's the only one on tv that actually does his job, attacks the government with no exception. Remember when the media was a watch dog? I don't, I'm only 27, but I heard that the media was supposed to be a check on everything. But what do I know, I've only been around for a few years.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Frankly a slow death for the dollar is the best case scenario.
    We get to make more money that way.
    I am in no hurry to see it die like tomorrow or this year.
    It be better for the world if China gets more time to prep for the end of Dollar Hegemony.

  8. Douglas says:

    Free Marketeer,

    Journalists are no longer "watchdogs of the government", they haven't been for a very long time. I believe a more appropriate title such as "lapdogs" would be accurate for todays governmental mouth pieces. Glenn does alright and by that I mean his mind and heart seem to be in the right place for the time being. Its his pandering sideshow style of his that dilutes the message. Watching him bash the previous administration does give me a chuckle. Especially when he does so in the company of the usual neo-con pundits Faux is best known for.

  9. Yohay says:

    That's a good presentation of money printing

  10. Bowtie says:


    i changed my avatar name; Free marketeer seemed kinda dumb.... who do you watch ?

  11. 9Robert says:

    O wonder why Glenn Beck is bashing Gore (tho Gore really does deserve it, except not on THIS issue)... Why isn't he bashing the FED? Greenspan? Deregulation? Nonexistent oversight? AAA ratings for garbage? I mean c'mon...Eric, yer better than this.

    Anyone calculate the interest private bankers stand to gain on this bailout?

  12. Bowtie says:

    9Robert... you must not watch his show...

  13. Kaz M says:

    the real significance of Glenn Beck is, along with huge increase of gold related tv commercials, the idea is spreading well into general media.

    to inflate and to devalue, large number of people accept the trend and act on it.

    just like many tv program promoting realestate investment in the past years, Glenn Beck is cultivating the new trend, which leads to
    dollar crash and hyperinflation.

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