Transfering To New Computer

I am in the middle of transfering to new computer, and I am about 80% done. I will have more blog entries Sunday night.
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  1. emerzak says:


  2. Are you PC, and what OS, just idle curiosity. I am considering getting a new monstah desktop with the new Windows on it, not Vista, and keeping my older XP in warm backup. Curious as to whether you also keep a backup available. Do you use carbonite etc.

  3. ros6nn6 says:

    Your Blog is the BEST on the web!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This a is great time to throw some feedback your way.

    Granted, I follow (and appreciate) your blog... only I think you're wrong on stating that inflation is imminent. NOT with unemployment so pronounced. Yes, somewhere down the road it may happen, but then... anything could happen.

    I value your research and insight, only I think your analysis of inflation (and gold) need to take into account how they are ACTUALLY doing, as in the present.

    If someone keeps claiming the sky is about to fall, and it doesn't... well then, before long folks just stop paying attention.

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