Computer Trouble

The reason updates have been slow these last few days is because I have been experiencing the "blue screen of death" (computer freezes). I spent yesterday working on my computer and narrowed the problem down to the hard drive. After defragmenting it, the computer is better, but I might still have to replace the hard drive soon. I will run the manufacturer's diagnostics while I sleep, and if I am lucky that will fix the problem.

Anyway, now that my computer's in a more usable shape, I will catch up on my blog entries tomorrow.

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  1. Gunther says:

    Hello Eric,
    good luck fixing your computer.

  2. Martijn says:

    I've recently switched to Linux. It's fairly easy these days and runs quite fast. Not to bring the prophecy or anything, but should you want to, don't hesitate to give it a try.

    Have windows installed too because I found out it is a necessity for some stuff.

  3. Martijn says:

    Using Ubuntu Jaunty (version of Linux) btw.

  4. Keating Willcox says:

    They don't last forever. Git you a new laptop, with all new parts, and you will really sleep easy. HD problems almost never go away, and the last thing you need is to have to learn how to make and fix a hammer when you can go to Best Buy and get a new hammer.

  5. btw, check out NYTimes atricle on Mr. Vaga Reddy, hero of India. Contrast with seeing "house of Cards" lat night and seeing A Greenspan's shit eating grin and stupidity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Right click My computer ==> manage. Go to event viewer, system log, click on the type tab to organize by error type.

    If you see any Red X's or Yellow !'s with "Disk" or "CD-Rom" or "Sr" as the source of them, click on them. If you're getting controller errors for the disk or cd-rom, either the mobo or disk is bad. Backup immediately. "Sr" errors are typically memory related; can be bad memory, improperly configured memory, or a bad mobo.

    Grab this, burn to DVD/CD. It's bootable.

    You can use this to burn it to cd/dvd

    Boot it up, go testing tools, PCDOC 2004

    Toy around some; there's a diagnostics tab; run all the tests save for loopback and the interactive tests. Run this in addition to Memtest X86+ and the drive manufacturers harddisk utilities. If it all passes, and your windows install is BSODing and is at fault, then you've got two options.

    Troubleshoot what's making it BSOD; since this is a new error it can be anything from a slightly bad component that a diagnostics utility won't catch bad motherboard to a misconfiguration error. Google the long list of numbers the BSOD gives you; the first clump of numbers is usually it. That'll give you an idea of what is corrupt/misconfigured.

    Option B is to reinstall windows.

    I HIGHLY recommend you acquire a copy of Windows XP X64 bit edition if you prefer windows on your machine. Anydvd will play blueray in HD for you, any company worth their salt has 64 bit drivers, there's no vista garbage to deal with like driver signing to get it to work right, and because the kernel is from Windows Server 2003 it'll run vista components and installers successfully and stably more often; it'll sometimes take vista drivers as well. Plus it incorporates some of the server apps like restore points that work beautifully if you ever catch a virus or a hardware problem eats your registry.

    If you need to run legacy software, use Virtuabox. You can run linux/macosx inside of windows.

  7. Hugo says:

    Get linux. No need of defragmentation, a lot quicker, and easier to use.

    I would recomend Ubuntu.

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  9. Or, rather than waste time playing fix up on your computer, go get a nice new one...

  10. Anonymous says:


    I implore you to investigate market happenings on July 14, 2008. That is the day that oil, gold, usdx, and stock markets all did a complete 180 on their previous trends, leading right into the financial collapses of sept/oct.

    If anyone can figure out what happened that day, it's you.

  11. get a Mac and save days/nights/weeks/months of lifetime reviving/maintaining Windoze(expletive). Windows 7 will be a runner-up to Apple's system 7, which they released in the mid80s.

  12. Sean says:

    You should be running a shadow program like Ghost Eric, something you cannot do without when you need to get up and running within 24hours from ANY disaster.

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