The Diving Dollar

Here is a fun/strange video on the diving dollar.


(On another note, I successfully swapped my hard drive, so that is one problem fixed)
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6 Responses to The Diving Dollar

  1. Anonymous says:


    Put simply, have we crossed the Rubicon?

    If so the burden of proof is on you my man, tis on you,,,

    The world waits for the conclusive proof.

  2. stibot says:

    Eric, did you consider publishing some topic within US press? That can have major impact on peoples' awareness compared to Internet medium.

    I'm suggesting it is worth to ask people from radio wheather they have idea or any connection.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you could have spared us this...

  4. Kelvin says:

    dream on baby, dream on....

    what's going to dive is your investment portfolio!

    Anybody who's bearish on US is going to be broke.

  5. Anonymous says:


    If Eric were to go to traditional journalistic mediums he would be laughed at just like Dr. Doom was.

    The world has a hard time with prophesiers.

    People in authority (the fed, the president of the united states, as well as the fat cats on wall street - buffet anyone) would claim the ideas that Eric peddles are not thought out that well and are short sighted because Eric lacks the comprehension of the total power these people in authority have.

    That is not to say that what Eric believes is wrong, its just that Eric is a faceless person in a pool of billions of people. Not only this but ultimately Eric lacks authority - he would be like a sheep lead to the slaughter if he were ever to be in a crossfire session with one of their pundits.

    At worst they would label Eric as a person who's main motivation is to cause uncertainty of the American markets so that he may gain through shorting the dollar, treasuries, and metals.

    Or they may even label Eric as a conspiracy theorists, a crackpot loony that no has idea that he is talking about.

    Yes, send Eric in against the pundits of our leaders, authorities of this free market system and you would be send him off to the grinders.

    Never forget what they did to jesus now children...

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, "official media" covergage would probably only lead to something like in the famous "Peter Schiff was right" video. "Tell us more of santa claus ..." and so on. There are too many forces opposed to the truth (stupidity not the least of them).

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