Marc Faber on coming US hyperinflation

I am working on some big entries, but, unfortunately, I need to sleep. In the meantime, here is Marc Faber speaking on the coming US hyperinflation.



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4 Responses to Marc Faber on coming US hyperinflation

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Eric,

    I guess someone has already pointed you at this;

    Congress To Approve IMF Gold Sale This WeekGuess that the gold needed to satisfy this month's comex deliveries may suddenly appear at the last moment again?

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks robert.

  3. Ewt says:

    The discontent Mr Faber shows when the interviewer remarks "but that's also bad for the world, more co2 bla bla" shows he is a good man that understands prosperity.

  4. Numonic says:

    The biggest fallacy going on right now being supported by the current stock market rally is that rising prices is a sign of recovery. Check out this clip of a Fox Business News interview with Ron Paul that goes to a clip of Ron Paul at a meeting asking Ben Bernanke the question "what you would do if prices were going up 10% with no economic growth?" and Ben Bernanke says "well i think that's an unlikely scenario...". Totally refusing to acknowledge the possibility that we'll have rising prices without economic growth.;=player_embedded

    Treasury Bond yields are climbing and the dollar is dropping right now while stocks are rallying. Be prepared because time is coming when stocks will move downward but the dollar won't move up.

    Like in this Paradigm Shift:;=http%3A%2F%2Fallamericangold%2Ecom%2F&feature;=player_embedded

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