Happy Fourth Of July!

Enjoy your fourth of July weekend!


Warning about Transformers 2

Don't go see the movie. Transformers was the most disappointing sequel I have ever seen. They should give awards to people who make movies this bad: it takes skill to do EVERYTHING wrong. Plot had more holes than Swiss cheese. Simply pathetic.

I am personally annoyed at how they ruined one of the best characters. In first transformer movie, Starscream was by far the single most impressive transformer, having some truly cool CGI scenes (see videos below). In the second movie, he was reduced to a weasel-like SNIVELING coward who does absolutely NOTHING significant. Was even a point of including him in the movie if they were going to make him so pathetic? And why was he given alien tattoos that make him easily identifiable? It defeats the whole purpose of pretending to be an F-22 Raptor!

Below are some videos of starscream from the first movie.

it's STARSCREAM !!!!

Starscream Attacks

Transformers [2007] - Starscream flying into space!!

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4 Responses to Happy Fourth Of July!

  1. Jeff Burton says:

    Holy smokes. Your judgment just came into serious question (in that you even thought Transformers 2 might not be horrible).

    You just blew .75 ounces of silver, Eric. Be more careful next time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL Jeff

    But you know I would be willing to bet that Eric likes action packed CGI based films.

    Hence the hopeful view on Transformers 2, yet I could be wrong...

    I mean Eric does mention the plot being "swiss cheese".

    Anyways, happy fourth Eric and all!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ouch. You were whining like a woman Eric. Try smoke before you go next time.

  4. Harvest says:

    I've watched it and I loved it!

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