Tim Geithner Can’t Sell His House

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9 Responses to Tim Geithner Can’t Sell His House

  1. LOL. If I found out this is actually true, our government officials contradict themselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is true. Now he is trying to rent it.


  3. James says:

    Is he waiting for inflation, so that he can sell the house for more than he bought it, all the while losing purchasing power? Since it is true that TimmAY (South Park character) can't sell his home, I don't know if it is that funny anymore. Actually, no it is still funny, but another emotion creeps up and that is fear.

  4. ronin says:

    Eric, if by chance, we have dollar collapse, wouldn't we be better off holding our homes with long term fixed mortgages? If so why is this Geithner character trying to sell his home off unless he has insider inflation that home prices will plummet to dramatic levels? Certainly, he has the money to pay his mortgage?

  5. ronin says:

    insider information, I mean.

  6. Anonymous says:


    "Certainly, he has the money to pay his mortgage?"

    Selling one's home and defaulting are two different things, and yes while still having a mortgage out on the house he still pays it.

    It shows just how much money a man like him makes though, doesn't it?

    Last time I heard Geithner I looking to rent it out instead of selling it.

  7. Numonic says:

    Check out this graph of Monthly Mortgage Rate Resets from 2007 to 2016.


    If I could draw I would put a ship like the Titanic on this graph right before these two huge icebergs. The ship would have a machine gun mounted on it that shoots out Federal Reserve Notes that melt the icebergs. But we all know the question is if that machine gun is powerfull and fast enough to shoot down that iceberg before our ship crashes in to it. I don't believe it is at least not with larger bullets and those larger bullets would be so heavy it would sink the ship itself. I hope you get my anology.

    Anyway you can see that area we are in right now that is giving Wall Street a breather.

    This guy Vision Victory explains it here:


    So you can see we have a huge iceberg ahead of us, one larger than the one we just crashed in to.

  8. Numonic says:

    I meant to say at least not "WithOUT" larger bullets

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