I am back-What did I miss? (gold hits $1005 and USD breaks down)

I am back. I went to a wedding in the south of France. There were all sorts of travel logistics problems that I won't go into.

Anyhow, I am finally back with a good internet connection, and I will try to catch up on everything I missed.

Gold breaks $1000

(Notice how the surge above 1005 happened during Hong Kong trading)

Dollar Index breaks down

(dollar index breaks to new 2009 lows)

More entries soon.

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32 Responses to I am back-What did I miss? (gold hits $1005 and USD breaks down)

  1. Granger says:

    Strong support at 72 on the USD Index --> it could bounce from there.

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  2. stibot says:

    I noticed there is much more o. i. on gold. It was 380 thousands several months, today it is 450 thousands.

    Seems Big boyz are in troubles or perhaps some big dump is on the road.

  3. dashxdr says:

    I've been reading Jim Roger's book "Investment Biker" and he has a lot to say about Siberia and Russia. This book was written in 1994 and talked about his riding across Siberia in 1990.

    After JR's description I'd be concerned buying black earth land is a safe investment. Is there infrastructure to support the farming? Getting produce out for export?

    After constantly being burned with toxic investment advice, ponzi scheme gimmicks, how can one trust your assertions this is a good opportunity?

    Is your goal to buy land, then hype it up, then sell it to some sucker later for profit? Or is it to actually create real wealth. Because going the real wealth route is going to take a long time and be a lot of hard work.

  4. dashxdr says:

    I just remembered what "LOL Anon"'s LOL's remind me of.

    In Tolkien's book Lord of the Rings, there is a scene where the villain Saruman is trapped in the tower of Orthanc, and the Ents are trying to break into it to get at him.

    But the tower is built of some forgotten technique and they can't damage it. They're so frustrated they keep ramming their bodies against it to try to get in, until their leader, Treebeard, calls them off.

    Then they here this piercing, cackling laughter from Saruman up in the tower. The image of that cackling laughter is what "LOL Anon" reminds me of.

    An entity of pure evil, vile, corrupt, laughing at the efforts of good to make the world a better place.

    Anyway the ents grow cold, rather than angry. They pull back and work very hard end end up rerouting a river until it flows into Isengard (where the tower stands) and the flood it. So Saruman is trapped in his tower, isolated, unable to escape. It has become his prison. And the Ents can wait forever, as they're immortal. They live longer than trees.

    "LOL Anon", laugh your laughs now, while you can.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Eric,

    Today, I read the hedge funds report of GS. And what do I see?

    There is 5,5 billion $ long and 400 million $ short positions token on the ETF SPDR gold Trust (GLD).

    And a pikant detail: on SDPR Trust Series (SPV), there is for 4 billion $ long en 21 billion $ short positions...



  6. Anonymous says:

    sorry, erratum: (SPV) must be (SPY)


  7. Anonymous says:



    "An entity of pure evil, vile, corrupt, laughing at the efforts of good to make the world a better place."

    Make no mistake boy, I am evil!

    How do you think I get things more right then you?

    I'm connected to the true ruler of this world.

    You would be wise to listen to your Rasputins, least you forget who is really running the show.

    "'LOL Anon', laugh your laughs now, while you can."

    The most laughter will come when you, all of you, realize that you cannot escape what is coming...

    The best laid plans of mice and men my dear boy, of mice and men...


  8. How was the food? What did you have to eat? Did you have a chance to try any interesting restaurants?

  9. The chinese have decided not to honor an immense derivative for fuel. No one seems to notice or care?????

  10. dashxdr says:

    @"LOL Anon"

    I'd like to ask you these questions:

    1) What _exactly_ do you stand for?
    2) What do you want to see happen in the future?
    3) What do you think will happen.

    About all I know is you seem to think gold bugs are idiots. Beyond that...I have no idea. Do you even know what you believe in?

  11. Douglas says:

    Something you may or may not have missed. China considering diversifying their foreign reserves into euros, yen and of course, gold.


  12. Anonymous says:


    "About all I know is you seem to think gold bugs are idiots."

    First lets make something every clear here...

    I don't think gold bugs are "idiots", I just think those that put all their money (or most) into PMs, as a hedge, haven't thought things all the way through to their logical ends.

    Now to your questions:

    "1) What _exactly_ do you stand for?"

    Does one have to stand for something? And if one does, does that mean that which they stand for is everything they are? Or does it mean it's just one aspect of who they are? Or does it mean nothing, but just a label?

    I mean would it be better that I gave you an all compromising label like..

    I stand for the values of The American Republican Christians, the moral right of the nation?

    Or would it be better to say that I'm an Anarcho-socialist, who stands for an educated populous of free individuals where their only goal is self-realization?

    But what if I told you that by self-realization I mean rituals, aka Occult rituals?

    Or better yet what if I told you that I stand for nothing, but what the voice in my head and the feelings I have tells me - because it makes me feel good?

    Or even better, what if I told you I stand for what my father stood for (or some other family member) because my father was a good man?

    This much I can tell you, I'm not the latter two...

    "2) What do you want to see happen in the future?"

    What I would personally like for the future?

    A world that isn't dependent on man made things; a world that isn't about trashing the earth; a world where humans and other sentient beings (aka animals) can live in harmony; a world where humans don't exploit nature; a world without industrialization; a world without pollution; a world without money; a world without slave labor; a world without religion; a world without war; a world without crime; a world without fear for death; in short a world of peace.

    But you now... I highly doubt I, or any human, will ever see a world like that.

    More to follow...

  13. Anonymous says:

    "3) What do you think will happen."

    The signs are all around as to what is going to happen, all one needs to do is look...

    The end result is not pretty...

    Humans are an interesting animal, for they have an ability to think in abstract ways: visualizing, forward thinking with an ability to calculate ratios, measure distance, subtract, add, divide and multiply...

    These things allowed humanity to create works of wonder that allow man to travel into space, see into the depths of the oceans with sound alone, modify crops, and also modify the human genome to name a few.

    Yet nature has set herself against humanity because humans lives outside the forces of natural law and are trying to create things that also do...

    This breaks the laws of nature and you end up in the ecological crisis that we face today (species dying that we are dependent on for just not living, but also to pollinate our crops, pollution in our water and oceans, and climate change).

    The sad thing is that man thinks his ways (aka his technology, which also lives outside natural law) can somehow reverse this trend... woe to those that think this for you will only create more problems then you solve.

    Also all the resources in which our modern societies, industries depend on, as well as our future ones, are running out. And a move to other types of materials is only a band-aid fix.

    For everything on this planet is finite.

    Also everything you create from something organic into an inorganic substance... you change how everything interacts with that substance right down to its genetic (and maybe molecular) level (cancer anyone)...

    Humans are said to sit at the apex of evolution, while bacteria sits at its foundation.

    But a funny thing occurs... bacteria can live, and eat off nuclear waste yet humans cannot...

    Every change we think we create that is good for humanity not only works against us, but will also poison us in the end.

    Yet man is also fixated on an inherent condition called need... this condition mixed with desire has created a morally corrupt species who's societies give way to anomie, corruption and tyranny...

    In such societies people are given illusions for truth... taught that enslavement is freedom and that war is good.

    The ideas used to propagate such ideology are individuality, capitalism, consumerism and democracy...

    These things only create a factionalized society, where groups are categorized and labeled so that we don't see the "other" as ourselves, and that we sure as hell don't come together politically to make real change occur.

    Almost every nation in the world is like this now...

    Yet when the veil has been torn away and the masses come to know the truth, and recognizes what that truth means, the power elite has two things it can do...

    It can accept its fate and fall on the sword or it can create false flags..

    False flags can be used to make people believe that what had happened was not the cause of those in authority, but from some external factor...

    Or it can be used to divert attention to a false threat, usually one that ends up in war...

    The beauty of false flags is that it allows the power structure to stay intact, while also maintaining the belief that illusions are truth, that enslavement is freedom and that war is good.

    This is the future for the power structure's very existence is at stake adn the end result is the same war.

  14. Anonymous says:

    That last post is for you dashxdr and the last sentence should read...

    "This is the future for the power structure's very existence is at stake and the end result is the same: war."

  15. Anonymous says:

    remember when i took you
    up to the top of the hill?
    we had our knives drawn.
    they were as sharp
    as we were in love.
    if god crossed us
    we'd take all his drugs,
    burn his money
    and his house down,
    and wait for the fire to spread.

    but sometimes hate is not enough
    to turn this all to ashes.
    together as one
    against all others
    break all of our wings to
    make sure it crashes
    now we're running to the edge of the world
    running running away
    we're running to the edge of the world
    but i don't know if the world will end today

    I had no choice,
    I erased the debt of our family.
    I let you say goodbye
    with lips like dynamite.
    And everyone
    turned their backs
    because they knew
    when we held on tight
    to each other,
    that we were something
    that fell into the wrong hands.

    but sometime hate is not enough
    to turn this all to ashes
    together as one
    against all others
    break all of their wings and
    make sure it crashes

    we're running to the edge of the world
    running running away
    we're running to the edge of the world
    but i don't know if the world will end today

    i don't seek death
    i seek destruction
    until death we see destruction

    we don't seek death
    we seek destruction
    until death we seek destruction

    we're running to the edge of the world
    running running away
    we're running to the edge of the world
    but i don't know if the world will end today
    we're running to the edge of the world
    running running away
    we're running to the edge of the world
    but I don't know if the world will end today

    I can see a new beginning
    rise behind the sun
    but we can never catch up to it
    as fast as we run

    I can see a new beginning
    rise behind the sun
    but we can never catch up to it
    as fast as we run
    I can see a new beginning
    rise behind the sun
    but we can never catch up to it
    as fast as we run

    I can see a new beginning
    rise behind the sun
    but we can never catch up to it
    as fast as we run

  16. dashxdr says:

    @LOL Anon

    OK, that was a bit more than I wanted to know.

    I take it you believe if gold bugs get what they want, as in sound (gold-backed) money, war must come.

    And so because war is so bad, gold bugs are mistaken because they must not have realized the inevetable outcome if their wishes come true?

    You seem to indicate that war will occur, and raping of the planet will occur, anyway, even without a return to sound money.

    Personally I don't care about the possibility of war. I don't care about the risks of anarchy. I want anarchy. Stateless society. Freedom in its truest sense of the word.

    I want to own my own land, and not have to "rent" it from a corrupt government. I want to enjoy the fruits of my own labor. I want to be able to build up a surplus for rainy days, and not have to worry about it quickly becoming worthless.

    I want freedom from do-gooder socialists that think they know better how the world should be run than the free market. I want freedom from oppressive government, tyranny of the majority.

    I don't care if the planet is harmed as humanity grows and finds its way. I don't care if here and there a species is wiped out. I don't care about global warming. I see humanity as the only valuable thing on earth, since only humans appreciate the earth. Only humans know it's valuable. Without humans, without human intelligence, the earth is meaningless.

    Whatever form intelligence will take, it being life, it will grow its numbers exponentially. That is what live does. It will grow until it exhausts resources. Resources as in energy, water, raw materials, whatever. This is inescapable. This is what life does. It bangs up against some natural limit.

    Except intelligence, unlike bacteria or dumb animals, can figure out solutions. All problems are temporary. This universe we live in is full of energy, full of raw materials, waiting for intelligence to come along and use it. This earth is a tiny dot on a limitless ocean of untapped wealth.

    It's just a stepping stone. I get sick, so sick of whiny, environmentalist, glory in the good old days, harmony of nature types who think there is a way to turn back the clock. I love techology, science, I embrace it. I don't yearn for simpler times. I yearn for less stress. For me government is a source of stress. People wishing to fight progress are a source of stress.

    Humanity must advance, or stagnate. Most humans appreciate the beauty of the earth. Humans allowed to own part of the earth and profit by their part and enjoy the benefits of it without someone (the government) stealing it will protect their part of it.

    Technology, which you seem to hate and fear, is the solution. Cheap space travel. Colonizing space, other planets. How crowded will earth be when people can go live in the sky? The earth will seem a boring place. I'd love to get off this damned rock, with its socialist oppression. How wonderful when one could just "Go west!" to escape the tyranny of the majority. It's so disgusting.

    For me a return to sound money, gold, means governments can't do whatever they want whenever they want anymore. That's why I want it. To limit government oppression and growth. A return to free markets. Freedom. This environment is the only one capable of achieving the things you want also.

    Central planning never, ever, ever, ever works. It is a lie. It is just a way a select few can hold onto power. Humanity wants freedom, not centralized control. And it will have freedom.

  17. fejgir says:

    Here here dashxter!!
    I agree with you.

    Take heart, it is not the end of the world. Maybe it's the end of the world as we know it, but not the end of the world. Over not so long periods of geologic time, this Earth has pulled whole continents down to its center and pushed up others in their place. Do you really think it matters whether or not there is a little plastic mixed in with the soil when it is turned to molting matter and broken down to it very elements?
    There have been catastrophic events in the past that wiped out most of life on the planet, yet life is still here. Would you rather run around barefoot in nature and wait for the next comet to wipe us out, or would you like to head it off with and divert it with technology. Or do you think we can mind meld it away.
    The will to survive is in every living thing. That is why all of you are reading this post. You are trying to figure out how to survive this attempt to make the USA a banana republic. The poor souls, who don’t care or are too ignorant to know what’s going on, will be doomed to be slaves to the system.
    There is no way we can all be equal and survive. Peace, Love, Dove is not possible. If every creature on this planet was equal to every other and had no advantages, it would be a little crowded, not to mention we would all be single cell amebas because there would be no reason to improve.
    Be happy, never stop living large and make sure your genes are passed on.

  18. Anonymous says:



    "Take heart, it is not the end of the world. Maybe it's the end of the world as we know it, but not the end of the world."

    How said the world was going to end...

    The world will out live humans, trust me...

  19. kean says:

    anonymous--u sound like an illuminati that worships molech in bohemian grove. who do you know? what do u know about global population reduction and the details of the plan?

  20. Numonic says:

    Here's my 2 cents.

    I came to the conclusion some time ago that credit stiffles progress. And I asked myself why would some one want to stiffle progress. And I just came up with a weird answer but it might be true. Maybe, it has to do with evolution and that there is a factor of homosapians that take too much pride in their human state and do not want the next form of human evolution to wipe them out. Back in the day we all thought by today we'd have flying cars and what not. If you search the internet, you will find information on advance technology, involved with nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence and even life expansion and sensory enhancing technology that some say is the way to the next evolutionary state of the human. These scientific advances did not happen through credit and subsidies, it happened in spite of it. I'm sure with out credit and subsidies we would be far more technologically advanced. Anyway with the coming collapse of credit, i see the world advancing and progressing. When credit collapses we will unrap the gift of the earth instead of just playing with the bowtie on the rapping. And I'm sure the gift is abundant.

    Another theory besides the halting human evolution one is that we are probably just going through a phase. We(the world) had a phase of mass production, then we had a phase of mass consumption of what was produced(reaping the fruits of the past's labor), now we are moving in to a phase of mass production again. It's just phases. I don't believe in Malthus' theory or that the earth is currently in shortage of products. The only thing the earth is in shortage of is producers and the reason for that shortage is credit. Credit is collapsing and like I said we are in a phase moving from a world of consumers to a world of producers. So i say get the tools best for this coming phase of production(gold, silver, precious metals).

  21. Anonymous says:


    The Illuminati is a myth.

    Its true the there are power elites, but they work from different means...

    They don't always agree to the same way to approach things...

    The only time that they do is when they are pressured because they are at risk of losing their status, or power...

    Where there is that much unity in how to tackle the problem...

    You can count on the solution being war.

    Other then that the only things that bind them are status, power, money, greed, and their inherent need to keep it all.

  22. dashxdr says:

    @Anonymous, possibly LOL Anon

    "You can count on the solution being war."

    Can you go into more detail on your thinking on this?

    1) War between what nations?
    2) On what premise?
    3) What will be solved, or more importantly, what is supposed to be solved by this war?

  23. Anonymous says:

    @dashxdr: see the link for answers ;-)


  24. dashxdr says:


    I visited the link. But I'd really like to hear your take on the subject. Your own words, I mean.

  25. Anonymous says:


    "1) War between what nations?"

    I would think a person so intent on wanting the dollar collapse that you would be knowledgeable on current events... though the event that will kick off the war, its plans have been around for a long, long time...

    This I can tell you...

    A nation who is an ally of the US will bomb another nation with nukes...

    That will be the start of it...

    "2) On what premise?"

    Security and even international security.

    3)"What will be solved, or more importantly, what is supposed to be solved by this war?"

    To retain the West's hegemony in that part of the world as well as gain control of the resources of that world..

  26. dashxdr says:


    I obviously have my own opinions on the way things work in the world. I'm asking you not because I expect to gain any new insight. Rather, I'm trying to discover what's going on in your mind. You're just so strangely vague and negative.

    So anyway, we have it, your wet dream scenario. Israel bombs Iran with nukes. Big blowup in middle east. I suppose every nation on earth chooses sides and it ends up in a big free-for-all?

    Really, the more details you can add to your vision, the better.

    Truth is Israel will find itself without friends in the entire world. USA would fold faster than superman on laundry day, even if the USA goaded Israel into nuking Iran. USA has no capacity to support a major war anymore. Nor the public support. Nor the international support. USA has no credibility anymore!

    In fact, maybe USA tricking Israel into nuking Iran would be the best way for USA to finally get a divorce from this awful relationship. I certainly wouldn't mourn if Israel was wiped off the face of the planet.

    At any rate I think you're building castles in the sky. I don't believe nuclear weapons will ever be used again. The US empire will go gently into that good night. Ending with a whimper, not a bang.

  27. Anonymous says:


    "So anyway, we have it, your wet dream scenario. Israel bombs Iran with nukes."


    How you can project this as my "wet dream" I haven't a clue...

    I don't have a say in it...

    But if you look at the news you would see that this in fact is a reality that will happen...

    Deny it all you want... just like you deny the fact that gold isn't as good of a hedge as you believe...

  28. dashxdr says:


    I don't buy gold as a hedge, or as a profit making endeavor (solely). In fact I buy silver, and I'll continue to do so until the gold:silver ratio gets back to normal, in the 15:1 range. Silver is way underpriced.

    You miss the point of people grabbing gold though. The point is to put an end to fiat currencies. To hamstring the government. When they can pay for anything they want with paper, they just buy votes. They can't do this when gold is money again.

    Now that we know your position on what the future will hold, how do you recommend preparing for it?

    Incidentally I'd love for Israel to nuke Iran. Not because I dislike Iran at all. Because, as I've stated, I dislike Israel. That'll be the end of that snotty little country. And the collapse of the US empire will occur that much faster.

    But I can't believe it will go that far.

  29. dashxdr says:


    I forgot to ask, you were calling for dollar index to rally to 82 range, today it fell .23 to 76.82 last I checked. Your thoughts?

  30. Anonymous says:


    It got close, 81 something, but it took two weeks (maybe three) after that statement to get that high...

    What would you like to me say?

  31. kean says:

    dashxr and anonymous:

    i too have serious distrust in Israel and they have destroyed USA internally by buying out the politicians with their fiat monetary system they installed in 1913. It took nearly a hundred years and their determination has brought fruition.

    They control too much to turn back now. The USA will go forward and enter a WW3 with Israel and England and nuclear bombs will be used.

    The unnecessary use of the atomic bomb against japan in ww2 was a prophetic destiny for what is to come in the last great war.

    However having said that, to survive when the dollar collapses, the smart thing to do is hold gold/silver and any other hard goods.

    The next few years will be very bad but at least finally, we'll learn to depend on each other and act like humans with souls again.

    But as much as I like gold/silver, ultimately accumulating wealth is a thing of the past. Think of it as a part of the last cycle that is no longer needed in the new. Now, it'll be about spirituality and surviving the best we can.

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