Pictures From Visiting Russian Farmland

I visited Russian farmland today. Here are some pictures.

Uncultivated farmland South of Moscow

Abandoned apple orchard South of Moscow

Russia's improving infrastructure

Black earth farmland for sale
20,000 rubles per hector ($650 per Hectare)

Visiting apple orchard
(truck full of apples in background)

More apples

No water problems

Huge fields of black earth

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5 Responses to Pictures From Visiting Russian Farmland

  1. VegasBD says:

    I wish I had a Russian friend, man I would love visit.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hi Eric,

    Those are some beautiful places. What are they growing on the "black earth farmland, $650 per hectare"? And how are the prices for apples? The latter would be competing with all the dachniks?

  3. Jari says:

    Hello Eric,
    If you're thinking of investing into Russian agriculture, please remember that the Russians do often play dirty. We Finns know that all too well. They let the Westerners build the infrastructure and then mercilessly take over.

    For example, Container Finance (Moby Dick) built a large and modern truck terminal outside of St. Petersburg. When it was evident that the investment would make good profits, the Russians cut the road to the terminal and the 49-year rental contract was dismissed. The authorities allowed business to resume after a month or so but took quite a portion of the terminal area "for the construction of a dam". This was in 2007.

    The Finnish department store chain Stockmann had electricity cut off its Moscow store in 2008. This was deemed illegal by the Moscow court of arbitration but the verdict changed nothing. In the end, Stockmann had to move to another building.

    Who knows how much the operations described cost to the companies. So be warned, my fried and best of luck!

  4. naveensingh says:

    i am intrested investmet in farm land to buy pls send me more details

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