Goldman Sachs Leveraged $70 Billion in Government Money For Record Profits

Below is Dylan Ratigan and his guest's take on this rally and the record profits.

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7 Responses to Goldman Sachs Leveraged $70 Billion in Government Money For Record Profits

  1. Natasa says:

    It is really bad out there in US...
    The poor American citizens have NOTHING to say, since the people they choose (the Government) - is just a puppet in hands of big banks.

    And this sh.... somebody use to call - "democracy"...?

    Chinas "dictatorship" is much much much more honest and softer to the own citizens.
    Personally, I believe that even old USSR was more "human" to the own people than US "democracy".

    It is simple - disgusting...

    I agree Gerald Celente - that in the one point of Time the dictatorship (who calls itself "democracy") - will be simple just broken.
    NOT collapsed - but broken under pressure of millions of the plundered and degraded US citizens.

    Since US people are extremely good armed - it would be not difficult to imagine what will happened with those new "bank-robbers" when they are sized by citizens.
    Unfortunately - those "bank-robbers" are already bought properties outside of the US and are in possession not only the US-government and military, but also of airplanes to take them out of misery they caused.

  2. Anonymous says:

    New Jersey Pays Goldman Sachs for Swaps on Nonexistent Bonds;=aufmSRtDn0gg

  3. THE_TRUTH says:

    To be honest, I think we are about to see riots throughout the Unites States, involving millions of demonstrators.

    We are really witnessing interesting times.

  4. Claire says:

    Although America is a democracy in the sense that the people elect their leaders, it was founded as a "republic" which recognized the fact that human beings have certain "inalienable rights" that no government, elected or otherwise, has the power to control.

    However, even the founders of this country realized the fact that, if at some point, the people were to elect idiots and theives as their leaders, the country would go down the toilet - I think that day has arrived.

    Democracy is only great if the people elected are honest and genuinely care.

    It should also be noted that the U.S. Constitition forbids the establishment of a monetary system outside of gold/silver. Giving banks and corporate interests control of our money through the Federal Reserve has been the biggest mistake this country ever made.

    As far as how it compares to China - I'd still rather live here, at least for now.
    I wouldn't want to live in a country where abortions are coerced (one child per family policy), boys are valued while girls are put in orphanages (I have many friends who have adopted baby girls from China) and people are thrown in jail and tortured because of their religious beliefs.

    Not sure how it is in Russia specifically, but could imagine similarities.

    I am cosidering a move to South America, Canada or Australia. I am very sad to say that the U.S. is far from the great country it once was, especially since WWII - we have been imperialists and international thugs.

    I believe we once stood for freedom and hope and I'm sad to see it end.

  5. Numonic says:

    Claire, speaking of a republic, what exactly is it? I've been getting information about it for sometime. I've come across people saying a democracy is mob rule. The best explanation of a republic I've heard is the one where they say a republic is like the jury system we have where the rule is decided by unanimous decision. But is this what a republic is, a unanimous voting. So we wouldn't have a president until everyone agreed one the same person to be president? I guess that would seem like a good way to make sure the right person was elected but is it really practical? Has there ever been an election where the public/citizens all voted for the same person? I doubt it. Anyway just some thoughts.

  6. Claire says:

    I think is has more to do with a philosophy than a practice; however, if all the people understand the underlying distinction, they would vote accordingly (hopefully). I don't have time to do any research on it now, but here is an article I find in surfing

    Let me know if you find anything

  7. John says:

    To Numonic & Claire:

    I have found a very educational video on the website tilted - The American Form of Government. Its a little over 10 minutes.

    Numonic - Thanks for your words of wisdom in the previous posts.

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