I Am Back

I am back (had a long day yesterday). I will publish my next entry in about an hour (preview: USDA estimates have grown even more ridiculous after freeze and snow hit the cornbelt).

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6 Responses to I Am Back

  1. cees says:

    Good you are back Eric !
    Hope you can cope with the loss of your father.
    We miss your excellent inside articles.
    All the best from the Netherlands.

  2. Welcome back, we missed you.

  3. Anonymous says:



  4. Numonic says:

    Mr. pinnion and Anonymous for Halloween I'll come on here and ask you two the question: Is 1% of 1 million greater than 1% of 1 thousand? to give you a good scare. Cowards.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Say man how about you just admit that your theory is fucked...

    Then we can all move together and come up with a new one where we can all agree on...

    Oh, that is right...

    You don't play well with others...

    Shame though, we could have used a moronic group jester...


  6. Numonic says:

    Yeah 1% of one million being larger than 1% of one thousand is a theory not a fact in your bizzaro world.

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