Taking a plane for Paris now

Hi Everyone,

More updates + info tomorrow.

My father died on October 1st. Taking a plane for Paris now.

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  1. dashxdr says:

    Speaking of updates...

    Silver at $17.23, up $.57 at the moment.

    Gold at $1037.30, up $19.10 at the moment.

    Dollar index at 76.35, down .35 at the moment.

    It's a long climb for the dollar to get back to 82.



  2. Anonymous says:


    I feel with you for your father.
    I wish you strength.

    Best wishes

  3. dashxdr says:

    Silver at $17.36, up $.70 at the moment.

    Gold at $1043.00, up $24.80 at the moment.

    Dollar index at $76.30, down $41 at the moment.

    The only way the dollar index could get to 82 is if all the other fiat currencies fight each other to the bottom. Dollar index is just paper related to other paper anyway.

    Incidentally 401K's can usually invest in all sorts of things, there is no one single ruleset that applies to all.

    Can't buy physical? Buy GLD and SLV and hope they are backed by physical.

    Or buy mining stocks.

    Or buy ETF's that claim to hold mining stocks.

    Plenty of options. Or one can simply pull money out of their 401K early and pay the 10% penalty. Or roll it over into an IRA and the investment restrictions vanish.

    Moreover, the assumption is that there are only two investment options -- stocks or bond. It's like the line from Blues Brothers.

    "What kind of music do you have?"

    "We have both kinds! Country andWestern!"


    LOLAnon, at least have the grace and dignity to step away from the arena when you're on the ropes. Every time you write you add cement to people's low opinion of you.

  4. Anoniem says:


    Take some time off work and concentrate on the lose of your father.
    Best wishes.

  5. Anonymous says:


    God bless you, your father, and the rest of your family. I enjoy your blog, though I rarely comment.

    My condolences on your loss,


  6. Anonymous says:

    sorry to hear about your father. God bless

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry on your loss!

  8. sorry to hear about your Dad

  9. dashxdr says:

    The government will always exist.

    Er...what proof do you have of this?

    Throughout history every single government has eventually evaporated. Governments are mortal.

    While throughout _modern_ history there have always existed governments, there is no guarantee the obligations of any individual government will always be met.

    If the US government evaporates, what happens to the dollar? To bonds issued in dollars. They evaporate as well.

    LOLAnon good luck with holding your bonds.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Best Eric,

    My condolences. God bless your father. And you for your work.

    Best wishes


  11. James says:


    God bless you and your father

  12. Cornhusker says:

    Comex Gold closed at an ALL-TIME high today; that means EVERY SHORT is under-water on their trade.

    The MONSTER-OF-ALL-SHORT-SQUEEZES could happen at any time in Gold...the move will be violent and sudden...BE WARY...

  13. Nero says:

    The Great Unwinding has begun.

    Be very wary...

  14. dashxdr says:


    The funny thing is you pose a greater threat to me than the US government. Think about that.

    After all, you said you'd happily suck uncle sam's cock so you'd be able to watch him put a bullet through my head.

    You clearly equate sexual gratification with violence and oppression. Have you considered therapy?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy reading your comments - sorry to hear about your father, takes time to get over it.
    Best wishes,

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Fed/Goldman Sachs will keep the dollar fall and gold rise as smooth as they can and string it out for as long as they can. Oboma and Co. are printing money as fast as they can, loaning it to their partners in crime at 0% interest, who in turn are investing it in everything not tied to the USD. Trillions. That's why there is still a credit crisis in the US even after hundreds of billions in bailouts. Very little is going into the US economy. Their goal is simple. Marxism. Get rid of the middle class by inflation and high taxes so the rise to the super rich becomes impossible.
    I think it is a global plan. Most contries are already set up with ruling elites. Democracy in the US is the last hurdle. Once the US constitution is ripped to shreads, it is all over unless you are already one of the elites.

  17. dashxdr says:

    To the anonymous person at 5:43 PM:

    I was musing on your comment for a while, when it suddenly dawned on me where you're coming from.

    To you, who have never taken responsibility for your life, who has never known freedom of any form, the greatest fear you have is...personal responsibility.

    You don't fear an oppressive government. Because you can only exist under such a government. To you it is the loving nanny that takes care of you.

    For you, there is nothing more frightening than the prospect of you having to be responsible for your own existence. That horrifies you! All this talk of governmental collapse is the worst of all possible scenarios for you. It is worse than death, to you.

    So out of your panicky fear you must create an explanation for everything that's going on. In your view of the world, everything is going according to plan. You don't care if the world is slipping into tyranny, because there will still be a wonderful government that will take care of you and make sure you get to go on living.

    So it all must be going according to plan. As long as there is a plan, everything is going to be ok. Even if the plan is horrifying! (Paraphrasing the movie Dark Knight).

    I've got some very, very bad news for you. There is no plan. There is no intentional collapse. This is just plain physical laws running their course. Incompetence in all its beauty. Collapse is here, and it is not making way for a brave new oppressive world, it is making way for anarchy and chaos.

    If you wish to go on living, you will adapt as quickly as you can to being responsible for your own life. Keep in mind people like me don't care what you do. Your life is only valuable to yourself (perhaps) but it certainly isn't the tiniest bit valuable to me.

  18. Anonymous says:

    On the contrary dashxdr. I would like nothing better than for government to stay out of the way.
    I'm just trying t put the pieces together. We have a Radical Left wing President and Congress who are spending money like drunken sailors and a Fed printing money as fast as possible with no accountablity as to where it is going. how could that not be on purpose?

  19. Shawn Cannon says:

    I'll keep your family in my prayers.

  20. r says:

    ...losing a Dad can be a tough experience. May all your tears be wiped away. All the best to you

  21. Mudar says:

    Dear Eric;

    Please accept my heartfelt condolences and sharing with your fathers’ loss. God bless his soul and give you all the patience and perseverance you need in his absence.

    Respectfully yours,

    Mudar M Dudin

  22. inittowinit says:

    Our condolences Eric. Sorry for your loss and thanks for all the great work you do and the sacrifices you make.

  23. For those blinded by money says:

    For those of you who only care about dollar, silver, gold...while Eric indirectly announced his father's passing away, you are very insensitive and do not deserve to benefit from Eric'w work

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for your loss Eric.

  25. Anonymous says:

    @ For those blinded by money said...


    Us who are talking about other things, heard first hand from Eric about his father's death in another post...

    We've given our condolences...

    So I can only say why are all these late comers here, giving their condolences....

    Did you not care about him before, when he reached out to the community?

    I see...

    You only heard about it when it was posted as front page on his blog...

  26. dashxdr says:


    I'm not convinced the person who responded is the same LOLAnon we've all grown to love. It seems a bit too much like a troll.

    Anyway responding to that post, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

    I'll continue cherishing my apathy about how it all plays out.

    Personally, in my 43 years of life I've already had more experiences and done more things than most people will ever do. When the end comes, at least I'll die knowing I was truly alive.

    You anonymous trolls, you know who you are, you've never lived. That's the difference right there.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Wishing you a safe journey.. and wishing your father a safe and peaceful journey on his way.
    Appreciate your blog.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thinking of you. Words are inadequate…

  29. jg says:

    Eric, may your father rest in peace.

    I am sure that he was proud of your work.

  30. Anonymous says:


    My deepest condolences for your loss.

  31. Genesis says:


    Your blog sucks. Cut and paste, cut and paste...what a joke.

    Sorry your dad died.

    Everyone else,

    As someone earlier astutely pointed out:

    "Comex Gold closed at an ALL-TIME high today; that means EVERY SHORT is under-water on their trade.

    The MONSTER-OF-ALL-SHORT-SQUEEZES could happen at any time in Gold...the move will be violent and sudden...BE WARY..."

    It is estimated that over 98% of EXISTING shorts in Comex gold are indeed, underwater. Although I'm not making a prediction here, gold could possibly double in price within one week or less...it could happen. This is going to be interesting...

  32. Anonymous says:

    This blog DOES suck.

  33. dashxdr says:

    Did you finally read 1984 by George Orwell?

  34. dashxdr says:


    Are you sure? You should check out this analysis:

    Political Collapse

  35. Shin says:

    sorry to hear such news Eric...
    I will be sure to pray for your family!!!

  36. dashxdr says:

    Well as of 21:57 EST...

    Gold $1051.00 up $5.40
    Silver $17.90 up $.27
    Dollar index 76.12 down 0.27

    Maybe the dollar will hit 8.2...

    I enjoy when things move in the direction I hope for (they are lately). But I'm relatively apathetic when they go the other way. That's the secret to happiness. Savor the good news, endure the bad...

  37. stibot says:

    Genesis, it is not compulsory, simply don't read it. I'm reading Market Skeptics more than year and feel pledged to Eric for being awakened and i'm sure there are many of us.

  38. James says:

    "Savor the good, endure the bad"

    Nice one dashxdr!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Think about this for a second...as I type this, Gold is at an all-time high ($1,058) and slowing climbing...


  40. dashxdr says:

    Quick update. 12:27 PM EST

    Gold at $1060.80 up $15.20
    Silver at $17.90 up $.28
    Dollar at 75.94 down .46

    In your face, laughing ANON

  41. Anonymous says:



    Hitting a peak means little...

    You do realize that the GCC nations, France (this surprised me), China, Russia and Japan stated, on Tuesday of this week, that they would stop pricing oil in dollars...

    Though the news maybe music to your ears...

    Please note the time line they gave for it to be completed...

    Yes, that's right 9 years...


    Go on dood about how happy you are that gold has hit an all time high, but know that which you seek is a long ways off still...

    And anything can happen between then and now...

    Can you hear it?



  42. cees says:

    My sincere condoleances.
    May your father rest in peace.
    Cees de Jager / The Netherlands.

  43. dashxdr says:


    They say, "Don't worry, the real abandonment of the dollar won't be for 9 years." And you actually believe it?

    You swallow this piece of disinformation hook, line and sinker?

    I'm flabbergasted. If you believe it you're as naive as the rest of the sheep. This is the same tactic they've always been using (the corrupt mainstream media). Give out a tidbit of truth, and then sneak in a glaring lie.

    The truth is the dollar is doomed. The lie is, "But it won't happen for many years!"

    There is a story about how the devil managed to triumph so well. He said, "Sure, let people believe to sin is bad, and if if they sin they'll end up going to hell, but tell them there is plenty of time to repent -- and they'll seal their own fate by never acting before it's too late!"

    9 years. Just precisely how will the US empire maintain operations for 9 years when no one (except the Fed and their printing presses) is buying US debt anymore? When social security and medicare are ballooning out of control? When trillion dollar deficits are planned...basically forever.

    LOLAnon, you actually believe the claim that it'll be business as usual for the next 9 years? Now it's my turn to LOL!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Eric, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I have gotten so much from your site, and want to thank you for all the insights you have shared.

    My heart goes out to you and yours.

  45. dashxdr says:

    Coming from the backside

    @LOLAnon I would like to be sure I'm understanding something.

    I am wondering if I am supposed to interpret your continued allusions to me getting shot as in the head as a threat of physical violence from you yourself.

    I would like to understand your meaning. If you keep alluding to me getting shot in the head, I will have no choice but to assume you are threatening me with physical violence.

    Whether you know it or not, such threats are illegal. Google, the owner of the blogging site, is not tolerant of threats of physical violence. If you persist in your actions, I will have no course but to call your words to the attention of their legal department. They will have no trouble locating your IP address and your general locality. Your anonymity is not guaranteed!

    You are entitled to your opinions. But you are not allowed to threaten to murder other people. That is illegal. I'm surprised you don't know that already.

  46. Anonymous says:


    First of all I never stated at all in any of the posts that made to you or anyone here that I personally would use violence against anyone...

    The statements of violence I have made about were about the Government using violence against individuals who were seen as enemies of the Government...

    This is very clear from the very first post that I stated...

    "Can you hear that? It's the bullet coming from your backside"

    Now if you wish to waste google's time and also your local police and and the fed on this issue...

    I cannot stop you, but the fact that will be presented will be clear to even a chimpanzee that none of the statements made by me were actually me doing the violence...

    Also it should be noted that its really not about a true act of violence, but used as a metaphor for actions that we do and beliefs that we all hold that sometimes come to bit us in the ass...

    Again you are free to do what you want to do, but I, personally, never threatened you with violence...

    But nice way to threaten me...

    Oh and do remember slander is also illegal...

  47. Anonymous says:


    It's important to note that you even discredit your own statement by this post that was crated on October 6, 2009 3:05 PM...


    The funny thing is you pose a greater threat to me than the US government. Think about that.

    After all, you said you'd happily suck uncle sam's cock so you'd be able to watch him put a bullet through my head.

    You clearly equate sexual gratification with violence and oppression. Have you considered therapy?"

    This clearly shows that you knew that my intent was from the very beginning...

    And that the mention if violence was not me acting it out, but that of the Government...

    I'm really disappointed in you, that you would stoop this low...

    As to threaten me on a bogus charge of slander...

    But unlike you I will take the higher ground and make no real threats (legal or other wise)...

    Just present the facts as they are...

  48. dashxdr says:


    The simple fact is I am being traumatized by your continued reference to me getting shot in the head. I do not fear the government doing it, I fear you yourself doing it. Your continued reference to me getting a headshot constitutes a threat against my person, by you yourself.

    As I said, if you persist in making this reference, I will have no choise but to alert the appropriate authorities.

    It is trivial for you to avoid this. Simply stop threatening me with getting shot in the head. Very simple, really, and we all live happier lives.

    Such graphic descriptions of senseless violence are certainly not necessary, and they only detract from any intelligent discussion.

    As to your accusation of slander, clearly this is entirely fantasy. You have no identity, remember? An anonymous person cannot claim damages due to slander.

  49. Anonymous says:


    Once you commit to a bogus charge, one that you know the true motive as what was shown by your previous post...

    It becomes an act of slander...

    Make no mistake...

    But since you know have stated that such imagery gives you mental distress...

    It would be unkind of me to keep bring such imagery up, even though you clearly know that I was talking about the Government acting in violence against a person they felt was a threat to them...

    Mental distress from an entity you claim you "do not fear"...

    As much as these facts show that you have an ulterior motive my intent is not to cause mental distress...

    So in that regard I will comply with your wishes...

    From here on out, I Anonymous Coward, Dollar King and whatever other names others have tacked on me, will stop immediately the images of violence in which a government would do on its citizens (the only statements of violence I have ever made)...

    This is my oath to not only you dashxdr but everyone here as well...

  50. dashxdr says:


    One note after my thanks. I want to record into the record something that (presumably) you wrote early, on October 7, 2009 5:39 AM:

    Your thoughts alone make you an enemy of the state and its system...

    You think we cannot and wont kill for thought crimes, think again...

    You're a danger to us, and there is no doubt, given the way you express yourself, that you will act upon your thoughts when the times comes...

    You're a ticking time bomb, and the best way to deal with you is to defuse you before you blow...

    You don't want to be one of us...

    Then you shall die as one of them, an enemy to the state...

    Clearly your use of "we", "us" puts you in along with the group of people who are willing to commit violent acts. As such your claim that you were speaking of some anonymous, faceless government is untenable.

    I'll leave it at that however since you've agreed to desist from making further threats.

  51. Anonymous says:


    It was I that wrote that, but here is the thing...

    Note the use of "we", "us" and "state"...

    I was trying to speak as if I were a member of the perceived government of the future that I believe will exist...

    I, as an individual, cannot be a "we", an "us" or a "state"...

    Second, you if you think that any of these words were to mean my actions and not that of the perceived government of the future that I believe will exist...

    That is based on your interpretation of what was said...

    And not only this, but you are trying to suggest an intent that is not supported by the perceived government of the future that I believe will exist found in the other posts I have made...

    Thus, it is an intent based solely on your interpretation alone...

    For it's been clear to you in the past, as your post has shown, that what was said was meant to be as violence that a government would inflict on it's citizens that it felt threatened by...

    Hence the use of the words "we", "us" and "state"...

    Since I know my own intent, as I clearly stated now, (and you are merely speculating my intent) it's hard for me to understand how you think I would be acting out violence - even while you tried to explain it to me - given the usage of the word "state" in my post...

    I'm not a violent person, and you know this...

    For you and others have made statements of how I would never stand up the the government, and this be true...

    And given that, why would I harm another human being then?

    Harming another human being would only cause me to be in direct confrontation with the government...

    Something that you and others have stated, and again rightly, that I don't have the balls to do...

    However, I can understand your misunderstanding...

    My words are vague at times...

  52. Anonymous says:

    Been thinking about this a long time. We're all slaves.

    Can that change? Don't know, don't think so.

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