The Greatest Depression

Below is a video I agree with. If it scares you, it should.

"You are going to see crime levels in America that rival third world countries."

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6 Responses to The Greatest Depression

  1. emerzak says:

    if we think just little .9 million death in the second war on that something we can predict?.if we calculate 9 genocide of rwanda.

  2. Trader says:

    By the way, when can we really read your major article Eric?


  3. Seeking says:

    As for the major article I am glad to see Eric is the opposite of Ben Shalom Bernanke.
    He does not print his way out of his article troubles by throwing articles from helicopters,or running full time the blogs printing presses!
    I guess his restrained major article policy means that the major article is gold backed.
    No quantitative easing in this Blog!

  4. You don't Say? says:

    at 1:08 of the clip you can see Glenn Beck give Gerald Celente the submissive FreeMason handshake with the grip in the fingers and his thumb pressing between the first and second knuckle. Now that's really freaky because I thought Celente was a man with good intentions. I suppose it is like Milton Friedman when he used to bash the fed, yet all the while he was a cfr member and his monetarist schemes were part of the plan of these evil people

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