*****Trip To Visit Black Earth Farmland In Russia*****

This is a quick entry to:

1) Let everyone know that I am organizing a trip to visit Black Earth farmland in Russia
2) Promote Regia Russia Agro Investment Ltd (the fund I launched to invest in Russian agriculture).
3) Highlight that now is the time to invest in agriculture
4) Announce that I am lowering the minimum subscription for Regia Russia Agro Investment Ltd.

1) *****Trip To Visit Black Earth Farmland In Russia*****

I am organizing a trip to visit Black Earth farmland in Russia. So far, at least 5 people are coming on trip. Please Email me if you are interested.

Dates for Russia trip

The plan is for investors to arrive in Moscow on the Saturday December 5 and leave Russia on Friday December 11. We will visit Black Earth farmland in the middle of the week (December 8th and 9th).

2) Regia is the only Russia Ag fund aimed at retail investors

When I became bullish on Russian agriculture in May 2009 and looked for an investment that I could recommend on my blog, I was surprised to discover that there are no "quality" funds for small investors. Instead, there were only a couple of institutional funds where the lowest minimum investment was at least a million dollars, out of reach for 99.999% of my readers.

At the time I thought, "This is a waste," and decided to, if there was enough interest, start a fund to create an investment alternative for retail investors.

Today, Regia Russia Agro Investment Ltd is up and running and receiving subscriptions from international investors (Please Email me for a copy of PPM). For U.S. investors, a US Domestic LLC (ie: Regia Russia Agro Investment LLC) is being set up as a feeder fund (which should be ready before the end of November).

3) Now is the time to invest in agriculture

As I have been writing about for a while, the world is facing a food shortage and dollar collapse in 2009/10, both of which are bullish for agriculture. Right now, Black Earth farmland (ultra-fertile agricultural land found in Russia and Ukraine) is available at $270 per acre, less than a tenth of what comparable land sells for in the US and Europe. Now is the time to invest to take advantage of this amazing investment opportunity.

There is a delay of around one month between the time that Regia Russia Agro Investment Ltd receives subscriptions and when Black Earth farmland can be acquired (negations to acquire land can't begin without first having the funds). When the global food shortage becomes really obvious (December/January timeframe), a panic will begin and money will pour into agriculture (and out of the dollar) around the world, very quickly raising prices. To maximize returns on an investment in agriculture, it is key to invest now while the market is still calm (ie: before dollar/food panic).

4) Lowering Minimum Subscription

As a result of gold's recent appreciation, the minimum subscription amount is being lowered to 3000 grams of gold (1 gram of gold per share), which is about $106,500 right now ($35.5 per gram). As gold continues to appreciate, the minimum investment will be lowered as appropriate.

Under compelling circumstances, the minimum subscription amount can be waived for international investors.

There is a 10% discount to the Offering Price (.9 grams of gold per share) for first 100,000 gram of gold invested in fund.

Please Email me for a copy of PPM.


Regia Russia Agro Investment Ltd is using Goldmoney to receive subscriptions. GoldMoney is a digital gold currency founded in 2001 by James Turk which allows the instant transfer of gold, silver and platinum between user holdings.

Here is the link for opening a Goldmoney account. The process is simple and transparent.

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  1. Numonic says:

    Why worry about such a small market like the physical gold market having fraud? Regardless if this fraud is true or not, it has still failed because the physical gold market is still very small. So why worry about this? The point of the fraud of putting tungstun in gold bars is to make it seem as if there is more physical gold than there really is, but the physical gold market is very small so the fraud of Tungstun in gold bars is failing. So why worry about this?

  2. Trader says:

    My major article will be ready after 24 hours.

    Don't miss it.

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