Vietnam Lifts Ban And Allows Import Of Unlimited Quantities Of Gold

Reuters reports that Vietnam to allow gold imports to stabilise market.

(emphasis mine) [my comment]

UPDATE 2-Vietnam to allow gold imports to stabilise market
11.11.09, 06:25 AM EST
By John Ruwitch and Ho Binh Minh

HANOI, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Vietnam's central bank on Wednesday lifted a 1-1/2-year-old ban on gold imports in a bid to stabilize the market after a sharp rise in prices helped drive the country's dong currency to a record low.

'The State Bank of Vietnam will allow gold imports with a volume sufficient to intervene in the market in order to stabilize the market, combat speculation and prevent an impact on the interests of the people,' the central bank said on its Web site,

Five or six companies would be allowed to import unlimited quantities of gold, state-run news Web site quoted State Bank of Vietnam Governor Nguyen Van Giau as saying on Wednesday afternoon.

He did not give details or a timeframe.

The ban on gold imports since May 2008 led to a gap between domestic and international prices, and recently traders say that spread, plus the rise in gold prices globally, triggered a surge in demand for dollars
[presumably to buy gold outside the country].

'This morning the prices and the market went crazy, the worst time in my 20 years of trading,' an owner of a gold shop in Hanoi's downtown district of Hoan Kiem said.

'Prices collapsed this afternoon and the decision on gold imports will certainly help control the situation.'

By early afternoon on Wednesday the dong hit 19,800 per dollar -- about 7 percent lower than the rate a week ago -- before rebounding to around 19,000.

Gold leapt above 29 million dong per tael on Wednesday, or $1,261 per troy ounce at an exchange rate of 19,000 dong per dollar. Later it deflated to around 27.5 million dong. Last Wednesday it was at about 24.5 million dong per tael.

Internationally, gold has gained more than 25 percent in 2009, driven by persistent weakness in the U.S. dollar, expectations of more buying from central banks and fears about the health of the global economy.

It shot to a record high at $1,117.05 an ounce on Wednesday as the dollar slipped to its lowest in more than a year, lifting bullion's appeal as an alternative investment.


The government responded to the price spikes earlier in the day by dispatching inspectors to gold shops, which double as foreign exchange changers, dealers said.

Central bank rules allow the dong to trade with the dollar within a band of 5 percent on either side of a reference rate it sets each day. A rate of 19,800 dong per dollar is more than triple the limit.

By early afternoon, gold and currency quotes were brought back down but some shops were turning away walk-in customers. The central bank blamed domestic speculators for pushing the gold price above world levels.

Offshore dealers covering Vietnam said gold bars had been smuggled in from neighbouring countries to meet growing demand.

'The thing is, people are cautious,'
a dealer in Singapore said. 'The domestic price is so high because they haven't imported gold for a long time. Basically, there's a shortage of physical gold.'

Vietnam consumed 115.8 tonnes of gold for jewellery and investment in 2008, up from 77.5 tonnes in 2007.
[Rising demand...]

Traditionally, the Vietnamese use gold for savings, jewellery and real estate transactions but when inflation is high, many choose gold or the U.S. dollar to hedge against inflation.

Asian buying once again lifts gold to new high

The dollar's collapse continues

My reaction: Vietnam has lifted its ban on gold imports in response to out of control domestic goal prices.

1) Vietnam's central bank on Wednesday lifted a 1-1/2-year-old ban on gold imports

2) Five or six companies will be allowed to import unlimited quantities of gold into Vietnam.

3) Vietnam's gold market went crazy this morning, sending gold to $1,261 per troy ounce.

4) Gold bars are been smuggled in from neighboring countries to meet Vietnam's growing demand.

5) Again today, during Asian trading hours, gold shot to a record high of $1,117.05 an ounce as the dollar slipped to its lowest in more than a year.

Conclusion: After predicting the gold price explosion and dollar collapse for months now, it is eerie to watch it finally happen.

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6 Responses to Vietnam Lifts Ban And Allows Import Of Unlimited Quantities Of Gold

  1. Mudar says:

    Dear Eric;

    Thanks again and again for your superb insightful analysis that gave you and us along the way a great projection for the future of the global economical turmoil. You’re a blessing to all of us and we owe you a lot.

    I honestly would like to ask you a big favor “if possible” … its SILVER my friend… you previously wrote (july09) an article about that, and it helped us a lot, but recently; as gold decoupled from the market and stated its 1100+ trip, I wonder if Silver can be as good as gold for the coming next year.

    Please, try to enlighten us in that area “if possible”, as you know better that the multiplication factor for silver is higher than gold yet silver prices are acceptable to us small investors, or actually seekers to protect what we’ve worked hard for.

    Many thanks again and again

    Mudar M Dudin

  2. dashxdr says:

    What a long winded way of saying, "Eric, what do you think of silver?"

  3. Thorleifur says:

    Well it seems that exponential growth is all around us, and we have all "bad events" adding up at the same time! Maybe the old predictions were right?! Maybe indeed we are living in interesting times.

    "There is a strong case to be made that we are already at 'peak gold',"

    Barrick shuts hedge book as world gold supply runs out.

    Global gold production is in terminal decline despite record prices and Herculean efforts by mining companies to discover fresh sources of ore in remote spots, according to the world's top producer Barrick Gold.

  4. Trader says:

    Believe the hype..

    But the reality is : Silver is no-man golds...

    Gold, at certain level, still can become money again. But not for silver.

  5. as says:

    You are just not serious calling colapse in the dolar from time to time and saying this will happen soon in net several months etc...

  6. Robert says:

    3) Vietnam’s gold market went crazy this morning, sending gold to $1,261 per troy ounce.

    This isn't so crazy if they're talking about real, physical gold rather than paper market gold.

    It sounds like the vietnamese don't really 'do' paper as the reports were all talking about retail gold shops.

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