Graphs Showing Market Manipulation By Treasury

I am working on several entries right now. Until I'm done, here are some interesting graphs showing market manipulation by the treasury.

(Gold Lease Rate = LIBOR - GOFO)

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  1. Renfield says:


    Gold is in severe backwardation. Harvey Organ has a report on his blog from an anonymous mint official about severe difficulties being faced by the three main mint suppliers, whose orders are backlogged for months and who are continually rolling over customer orders month to month - which is why we see mints now suspending production of coins.

    And Rick Akerman over on Goldseek is reporting again, huge premiums for accepting rollover of December delivery contracts. These reports are echoed on 24hGold.

    GLD ETF has now dropped 13.719 tonnes to 1,116.24 tonnes, which is a tremendous decline.

    Bottom line: taking delivery is accelerating.

    I don't remember which post it was but you said once something about divergence of COMEX price, and physical price, leading to the breakdown of the COMEX. I hope I'm remembering what you said correctly.

    If I'm right about what you posted those months ago, could this be the event you foreshadowed?

  2. Sebastian says:

    You should read this interview with Ted Butler on silver manipulation. It explains well what is going on and it's the same for gold.

  3. Numonic says:

    Ha Bowtie, I don't know. I'm still trying to figure things out.

  4. Numonic says:

    Matheus I have a feeling those China inflation numbers will decrease for December.

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