CNBC Audio Clips From 2007

Rebel Traders reports about CNBC Audio Clips From 2007.

(emphasis mine) [my comment]

Fun With CNBC — Cramer, Kudlow, and Goldilocks

I really don't know much about the person that created this video, but he must have a video library of every CNBC broadcast ever aired.

This video, which is actually a still image with audio clips, is from the likes of Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow, and a whole host of other CNBC commentators and guests during the period in 2007 when the market was making new highs.

It is also in this very same time frame when I wrote that the markets were in trouble and that we were entering a bear market. Just like in 2007, anyone who was bearish was a fool according to CNBC.

The audio clips are simply priceless... [Agreed]

Remember, these audio clips are from 2007.

My reaction: The video above reminds me why this site is called Market Skeptics.

The reason I am making this entry is to remind everyone that mainstream media really doesn't have a clue. The fact that no one is reporting about the looming food crisis and dollar collapse doesn't mean it isn't going to happen. After all, why would anyone expect the media to get it right this time around when they could not get it right in 2007?

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