Slow Week

Sorry for lack of updates during last week. Although there haven't been any major news items, there have been a bunch of noteworthy smaller headlines in the last week:

Crude Oil Breaks Through USD80/Barrel

Personal Bankruptcies Soar

Public Pensions — Not Enough Money

Tax Revenues — Pennsylvania Is Hurting

Another Bailout — GMAC To Get More Money

Unemployment Data — Is New Jersey The Worst State or is the National Data Wrong

Geithner Pulls a Fast One On Christmas Eve — Tells Fannie & Freddie That Government Will Backstop ALL Losses

Unofficial Problem Bank List Increases to 575

Job Disappearance by County (Worth taking a look at)

With the holiday over, I will be getting back to more regular daily blog updates. I also have some material I need to put together in another big article, hopefully by the end of January.

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3 Responses to Slow Week

  1. Turd Feguson says:

    Hi eric I've been following your site for a year and am eager for more updates on the food crisis. I created a site myself to follow all the web news it's
    i hope it might be useful to you as its offered to bloggers and website editors as a kind of resource, if you have any sites of interest you think I may have missed let me know, Best wishes Dave in UK

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hello Eric,

    They've opened our European borders for North-Africa:

    European mediterranean partnership

    Welcome in the new Eurabia...


  3. Bowtie says:

    You made it on to Lew Rockwell's site today! That is amazing!

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