Update From The Tambov Region

I left Moscow on an overnight train last night and am in Tambov region right now, meeting with several of the local experts in setting up land deals in the Black Earth region. Today I visited another farm, and I will post pictures and details of my stay here on my blog over the weekend.

Answering emails about Regia Russia Agro Investment

Ever since publishing my major article about *****2010 Food Crisis for Dummies*****), I have been inundated with emails about the fund I am starting to invest in Russian agriculture. While I am happy there is so much interest, it has been difficult to both keep up with my blog and answer emails in a timely manner (especially with my recent computer problems).

Answering and following up on investor emails has become a full time job, especially now that the fund's PPMs are finished and investor emails are coming in at the rate of 2 or 3 a day.

Delegating some responsibility to Charles Bausman

Rather than putting my blog on hold to focus on Regia Russia Agro Investment, I am delegating as much responsibility as possible to Charles Bausman, my partner here in Russia. Charles will be working full time to follow up with and answer the questions of the 140+ investors which have already expressed an interest in investing in Russian farmland.

I will still answer investor emails myself, but, to avoid holding things up, I will let Charles handle request for the fund's PPMs as well as basic questions about the fund's structure, subscriptions process, details about the farm properties the fund is considering acquiring, etc...

Charles Bausman's email:


My email:


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