This is how you get “zero inflation”

The market ticker reports how you get "zero inflation".

Inflation Lies - From The Consumer End

This is how you get "zero inflation" reported by the government lie office:

Your ass will never know the difference if the toilet paper is 3/4" narrower, right?

Pull the other one guys.

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5 Responses to This is how you get “zero inflation”

  1. Tyrone says:

    I posted the following comment over at Great Depression 2006 a couple weeks ago...

    OMG, I don't believe it. I just purchased some toilet paper--same brand I always buy (Northern). I put a new roll on the bar and it looked narrower. I measured the new roll and compared it to cardbard center of the old roll.

    new roll is ~7/16 inch narrower

    Production variability? I doubt it. Now they're inflating by deflating my a$$-wiping potential. LOL

  2. Ed says:

    Inflation is vastly OVERSTATED by the US Govt.

    Do you have a home computer? If so you have on your desk and are using a machine with more computing power than all of NASA had in 1969 (at a cost of several billion dollars)when they put a man on the moon.

    Make long-distance calls?? On many phone services they are now FREE -- even in prime time. My grandmother paid $1.50/ minute to place 100 mile calls just 60 years ago.

    My business-person wife bought a car phone in 1977 that cost over $2500.00. My current model (with MUCH better service) cost me $9.95.

    You people just want something to complain about. You have never had it so good. Let's hear it for deficit spending and an expanding money supply !!

  3. What's the best way to invest in the coming food shortage?

  4. sharonsj says:

    Ed must be a conservative troll. I have to pay extra to get unlimited long distance, and that's part of a bigger package that includes the internet. My phone bill used to be around $25, but over the years, with the break-up of the phone companies and the individual fees, my phone bill is around $90 a month now.

    Maybe my computer has great computing power, but my electric bill keeps going up with no end in sight.

    Cheap phones--and any electronic item made in China--work for about a year and then die. I wouldn't call that a savings.

    Meanwhile, food and other items are going through the roof and have been for the last two years. The mainstream media covers none of it and trolls like you make it worse.

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