The importance of Gulf oil spill

The first thing that must be understood is that oil never stopped spilling into the gulf. To hide this oil, BP is dumping millions of gallons of toxic dispersants into the gulf water. This is why Louisiana state senators are demanding the halt of ongoing dispersant activity:


Media blackout of gulf is sign of absolute desperation on the part of US authorities.

I say this because this blackout is inheritably unsustainable: more and more people are getting sick every month. We are talking about hundreds of thousands here. Right now, flu season is helping camouflage the extent of the health crisis (mild oil poisoning creates flu-like symptoms), but, once the summer rolls around and the number "flu" victims (and deaths) continue to increase, it will be impossible to hide.

Where is the National Media Coverage?
The Stuart Smith Blog
February 12, 2011:

But it seems
the national media is still reluctant to shine a light on human health impacts.

A month after the explosion, I wrote that
"human health is the real oil spill issue," but was told "it's too early to know, we have no test results." (see Well, after the testing showed high-level toxic exposures, we were told "well, it's not a story, because nobody is actually sick." (see Now that people are getting sick all over the Gulf, we're told "well, how do we know the spill caused it?"

Come on.
We all know what it will take to make post-spill human health a story: When people start dying in large numbers. And make no mistake, THAT'S THE NEXT PHASE if we don't address it, now. …

Once full extent of oil spill is known, it will create a major crisis of confidence about US media, the government and the economy.

For a great source of information on the gulf, check site below.

Florida Oil Spill Law
Documenting the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil, Gas, & Dispersant Disaster

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5 Responses to The importance of Gulf oil spill

  1. sharonsj says:

    I don't know why you expect the corporate media to do or say anything of import. When the PA miners were trapped, Anderson Cooper went and camped out until they were rescued--and then never said another word about the Massey Corporation's terrible safety record before or after. They do this with every crisis--not a single word of follow-up unless it's to tell you about Michael Jackson's doctor or Lindsay Lohan's dress.

  2. Robert says:

    The thing that needs to be understood is that oil never started flowing into the gulf... At least not from the non-existent BP well... probably loads of oil is spilling all over the gulf from other facilities and has been for ages.

    They may well be pumping in dispersants for some reason.. maybe you're onto something with the flu symptoms.. in order to drum up demand for the next swine flu vaccine... I dunno about that though.

  3. BAZZY says:

    well, as I understand there is almost no one alive today who directly participated in the EXXON Valdez oil spill. Apparently the dispersant may have been the main cause ... see

  4. Armissan says:

    "oil never stopped spilling into the gulf."

    I don't doubt it, but where can we read/see evidence of this ?


  5. Majia's Blog says:

    I too wonder about whether oil ever stopped flowing. I thought Greenpeace was going to check with a submersible. Is there any evidence that the ocean floor was indeed fractured, as Matt Simmons stated? I find the lack of ongoing coverage deeply disturbing...

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