*****People fleeing in fear as Japan abandons stricken nuke plant*****

Associated Press reports that Japan abandons stricken nuke plant.

(emphasis mine) [my comment]

Japan abandons stricken nuke plant over radiation
Mar 15, 10:35 PM EDT
Associated Press

FUKUSHIMA, Japan (AP) --
Japan suspended operations to prevent a stricken nuclear plant from melting down Wednesday after a surge in radiation made it too dangerous for workers to remain at the facility.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said
work on dousing reactors with water was disrupted by the need to withdraw.

There are six reactors at the plant, and
three that were operating at the time have been rocked by explosions. The one still on fire was offline at the time of the magnitude 9.0 quake, Japan's most powerful on record.

The Nuclear Industrial and Safety Agency estimated that
70 percent of the rods have been damaged at the No. 1 reactor.

Japan's national news agency, Kyodo, said that
33 percent of the fuel rods at the No. 2 reactor were damaged and that the cores of both reactors were believed to have partially melted.

"We don't know the nature of the damage," said Minoru Ohgoda, spokesman for the country's Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency.
"It could be either melting, or there might be some holes in them."

the outer housing of the containment vessel at the No. 4 unit erupted in flames early Wednesday, said Hajimi Motujuku, a spokesman for the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that a cloud of nuclear mistrust spreads around the world.

Cloud of nuclear mistrust spreads around the world
By Michael McCarthy
Wednesday, 16 March 2011

FOUR ATOMIC REACTORS IN DIRE TROUBLE AT ONCE, three threatening meltdown from overheating, and a fourth hit by a fire in its storage pond for radioactive spent fuel.

All day yesterday,
dire reports continued to circulate about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, faced with disaster after Japan's tsunami knocked out its cooling systems. Some turned out to be false: for example, a rumour, disseminated by text message, that radiation from the plant had been spreading across Asia.

Others were true: that
radiation at about 20 times normal levels had been detected in Tokyo; that Chinese airlines had cancelled flights to the Japanese capital; that Austria had moved it embassy from Tokyo to Osaka; that a 24-hour general store in Tokyo's Roppongi district had sold out of radios, torches, candles and sleeping bags.

But perhaps the most alarming thing was that
although Naoto Kan, Japan's Prime Minister, once again appealed for calm, there are many — in Japan and beyond — who are no longer prepared to be reassured.

The scale of the alarm is the remarkable thing: how it has gone round the world (Angela Merkel has imposed a moratorium on nuclear energy; in France, there are calls for a referendum); how it's even displaced the terrible story of Japan's tsunami itself from the front-page headlines. But then, public alarm about nuclear safety, as the Fukushima emergency proves, is very easy to raise — and, as the Japanese authorities are now discovering, very hard to calm.

The reason is an industry which from its inception, more than half a century ago, has taken secrecy to be its watchword; and once that happens, cover-ups and downright lies often follow close behind.
The sense of crisis surrounding Japan's stricken nuclear reactors is exacerbated a hundredfold by the fact that, in an emergency, public trust in the promoters of atomic power is virtually non-existent. On too many occasions in Britain, in America, in Russia, in Japan — pick your country — people have not been told the truth (and have frequently been told nothing at all) about nuclear misadventures.

…Of particular concern has been the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), Asia's biggest utility, which just happens to be the owner and operator of the stricken reactors at Fukushima.

Tepco has a truly rotten record in telling the truth. In 2002, its chairman and a group of senior executives had to resign after the Japanese government disclosed they had covered up a large series of cracks and other damage to reactors, and in 2006 the company admitted it had been falsifying data about coolant materials in its plants over a long period.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that people fleeing in fear.

Japan: People fleeing in fear... the silent streets are eerie
By Sarah Rainey
Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Belfast man living in Japan has told
how hundreds of locals are fleeing the country as fears mount over the potential for nuclear explosions.

Philip Arneill (36), a teacher at a primary school in Tokyo, said
the streets of the city are "eerie" and "deserted" after last week's quake.

"The threat of aftershocks and radiation has caused a large number of staff and families to flee to other cities and countries," he said. "It's very eerie to see my usual stomping grounds of Shibuya and Shimo-kitazawa, normally full of people, so strangely subdued.

"Shops and restaurants are closed from a combination of interrupted delivery routes, the call to conserve energy and the inability of staff to commute to work.
Any businesses which are still open are dimly-lit and largely deserted.

"Most petrol stations have closed so even cars and motorbikes will only be a temporary blessing. Bread and milk are at a premium and I have seen no bottled water available since Saturday in any of the convenience stores and supermarkets."

"In a country where it is often so easy to look at the rest of the world and feel safe,
suddenly nothing seems quite so certain."

My reaction: The situation is getting worse. I am glad I am not in Tokyo right now…

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6 Responses to *****People fleeing in fear as Japan abandons stricken nuke plant*****

  1. ShortBus says:

    WOW, you really are nothing more than a scaremonger.

    Those nuclear plants were 40 years old, they were operating the plants 20 years longer than they should have based on an old design. Anyone saying the nuclear industry will die is assuming that in 50 years since the first nuclear power plants were commissioned that there has been no progress or innovation in 50 years of designing reactors. Wow, what a stupid thing to think. If a 40 year old reactor can handle a 9.0 earthquake, one o the world in history, don't you think the new ones will be even more fail proof and be able to handle 10.0 or 11.0 earthquakes ?!?!?

    I bet you were one of these guys who shorted BP near the bottom thinking that BP would go bankrupt and disappear, only to be short squeezed all the way to highs again. You doom and gloom guys make me laugh.

    70% of Frances energy comes from Nuclear, they only have 4 that are operating which were built pre- 1980. France will not be able to reduce their reliance on nuclear power at any cost, so they will build more of the newer safer reactors and recommission the older ones.

    The Nuclear power industry just got a hell of a lot more safer, and you are doing your typical scaremongering about how the world is ending. Once all this is over in a month or so, the world will start a huge push to decommission all the old nuclear plants and start building newer safer ones. They might even get a push to get Thorium reactors working economically.

  2. Tyrone says:


    Front page of Yahoo:
    TOKYO (Reuters) – Workers were ordered to withdraw briefly from a stricken Japanese nuclear power plant on Wednesday after radiation levels surged, Kyodo news reported, a development that suggested the crisis was spiraling out of control.

    And you know what? I am afraid. I'm afraid for this small country, which has a size approximately the same as the contaminated area around Chernobyl.

  3. ShortBus says:

    Absolutely scaremongering.

    The front page of Yahoo is doing the same. The levels of radiation, although not desired at any levels, are less than you would get from flying if you were a frequent flyer, and less than you would get if you were sick and regularly had to have an MRI or PET scan at the hospital.

    I was sick a few years ago and had to have more than 5 MRI scans in one year, that already puts me at a level higher than anyone in Tokyo will possibly get.

  4. Robert says:

    Japan is going to have serious electricity shortages and also fuel shortages for months to come..

    25% of their oil refineries are closed and 25% of their power plants are closed.

    The Japanese economy is going to be operating at severly reduced capacity for a long time.. possibly forever as while they're trying to recover global oil production will continue to slip lower.

  5. Shill says:

    Those nuclear plants were 40 years old, they were operating the plants 20 years longer than they should have based on an old design.


    What is your point here Troll? Eric is reporting the news..DOPE!...GO back and enjoy Fox OR CNN, they have everything you want to hear..including how to pick out the proper wedding dress for your sring time wedding..Asshole.

  6. kean says:

    shortbus really does ride the shortbus.

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