Reason for the move to WordPress

As I mentioned in my last entry, has moved from blogger to wordpress.  The reason for the move was to fix the blog' s broken search and label functions.

Early last year, Blogger rolled out “Auto Pagination”, which limited the maximum posts per any blog page and effectively crippled the site.  After the Auto Pagination implementation, clicking on gold category would only show the links to 4 or 5 entries instead of the 50 links it showed before.  As a result, it has been impossible to access any of my older entries from the last two and a half year.

Weblogs reports that Blogger Auto Pagination Angers Bloggers.

Blogger Auto Pagination Speeds Page Loads but Angers Bloggers
By Susan Gunelius, Guide  February 25, 2010

Last week,
Blogger rolled out Auto Pagination, which automates the amount of content that is displayed on Blogger blog pages based on the amount of HTML and and images on each page. Google claimed that the purpose behind the change is to speed page load time. For example, with the new Auto Pagination feature, a Blogger blog might be limited to only display two posts per page if those posts include a lot of images. …

Many of the Blogger usersfound their blogs suddenly altered to display only a couple of posts per page

As of now:

1)  All entries have been successfully moved to wordpress, with permalinks fixed.
2)  All comments have been successfully moved to wordpress.
3)  Search, archive, and category functions are working again.
4)  Most of the formatting has been done.

I still need to:

1)  Fix the site' s feeds
2)  Finish formatting the sidebar

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2 Responses to Reason for the move to WordPress

  1. Keating Willcox says:

    I don’t get here very often, so pay attention. I am going to be in favor of…wait for it…Obama’s plan for Libya. I have never praised a single thing Obama has done, but every surgeon has a first patient.

    I am a conservative. But, I believe circumstances are such that the United States needs the Guliani doctrine for international affairs. It is important for bad guys around the world to realize that if they commit terrorism, piracy, or genocide, they will pay the price. Stopping the piracy off Somalia, crushing terrorists who would explode airplanes, and punishing international financial fraud are all parts of that doctrine. We benefit by having a safe world, safe for travel, trade, and even tourism. We benefit if the worst tyrants trying to destroy their own people are held off long enough for the elderly, children and women to make an escape. And, if all this can be done by surrogates, or robots, or cruise missiles, I am in favor.

    Now imagine, if you will, another holocaust, on a larger scale. Imagine if we could have said to Hitler, “Give us two weeks, and send us all your Jews. We will find homes for them outside of Europe. If anyone wants to stay and fight you over their land and property, so be it. If you try to prevent us, we will smash your air force and anti-aircraft guns.” OK, now suppose we drop some bombs on Hitler’s airfields and let him know we mean business, but, miraculously, we have no casualties at all, and reasonable expenses. So, this is Benghazi, containing 900,000 or so civilians. The new US “Libya doctrine” is to prevent attacks on Benghazi as well as some of the other cities. And, sure enough, folks in Benghazi are taking the opportunity to head out of the country, maybe for a short while, maybe forever, but there is the Red Cross for all that. Nearly a half million innocents are getting out, and everyone who is staying behind knows that they will likely lose to the Quaddafi armaments, including the MLRS rockets, mustard gas, and ballistic missiles that may turn Benghazi into Dresden. So be it. I have no favorite in this fight. Quaddafi is a terrorist threat, but the leader of the opposition is a terrorist as well. He is an Al Queda terrorist who has already been in the Guantanamo prison for terrorism. There is no Abe Lincoln here, only two groups of tribal despots. But, this is not our fight.
    Consider, there are no American casualties. Consider, all that Congress has to do is threaten the purse strings and they can end all this in a wink. The only notification to Congress was admirably done by a few cryptic pressers from the White House. They have been notified, and that’s all they get. In a few months, one side or the other will win in Libya. This is going to be a nasty little civil war, an Arabic version of Sherman’s march to the sea. We will not care who wins. But we can be proud that the President did his one good deed, help protect the escape of hundreds of thousands of Libyan innocents.

  2. Optics says:

    Don't you hate moving.Thx for the site and looking forward to your new home.

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