Next Week: Global Aginvesting 2011

Global Aginvesting 2011 is taking place May 3-4 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.  Global Aginvesting is the largest and most important conference series devoted to investment in global agriculture.   They host agriculture investment conferences three times per year in the US, Geneva, and Hong Kong.

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Charles Bausman is moderating the panel on Russia, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe

My colleague and partner on the Regia Russian Agriculture Fund, Charles Bausman, is moderating the panel on investing in agriculture in Russia, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe.  Charles is based in Moscow and has organized a large Russian delegation to attend the conference.  It will be headed by the deputy minister of agriculture of Russia, and will include the CEOs and owners of about 35 of Russia' s largest agro-holdings, about 80 people all together from Russia.  I will also be there and it is an opportunity to meet me and Charles and talk about the exciting opportunities in this area.   The organizers have created an extensive Russian-language website about the event:  

In addition to the special session on Russia, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe, there will be discussion of agriculture investment all over the world, with special sections on the US, South America, Brazil, and Africa.  The event is heavily attended by the largest investors in the world, sovereign wealth funds, the largest pension funds, and the largest dedicated agri-funds.   The organizers are expecting about 600 attendees this year.

Attendance costs $1995.  The organizers are giving Market Skeptics readers a 10% discount.  Use promo-code “Market”.

Click here to registrer for Global AgInvesting 2011

For anyone considering a large investment in Agriculture, Global Aginvesting 2011 is an excellent opportunity to get questions answered and gain knowledge about the field.

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