Working on one last video

Sorry, for the lack of updates, I have been working on a video.  It should be done this weekend.  (once it is finished, you will see why it took me so long to make.)

It will be the last video for a while.  After it is done, I will go back to regular updates about current events and the food crisis.

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5 Responses to Working on one last video

  1. Jimmy says:

    No problem, take your time.

    What do you think about this article:

  2. Keating Willcox says:

    Have some feta...

  3. Jason Emery says:

    I think this will be the year of the big food crisis. Last year, growing conditions were just about ideal over much of the corn and wheat belts. This year, planting conditions are horrible, to put it bluntly, due to the excessive rainfall.

    Some acreage will be planted late, and other blocks will not be planted at all. In those areas where farmers were able to plant in mid-May, there is already considerable damage caused by temporary lakes in the fields, due to flooding along streams and other low lying areas.

    The full extent of the problem won't be known for another month or so. I would look for grain prices to make a big jump by then.

  4. April says:

    Please,, please return to your excellent reports on the world wide food shortages and problems and forget the videos! they take too long.

    cheers, April

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