*****The HIV=AIDS Fraud*****

Warning: If you haven' t watched *****What I have been afraid to blog about: THE ESF AND ITS HISTORY***** and read *****WHY DEFICITS STOPPED MATTERING*****, this entry might not make sense to you.


As I explained in *****WHY DEFICITS STOPPED MATTERING*****, in 1980 the ESF ended inflation by piping tons of cocaine/heroin into the US (remember Iran-Contra) and then cracking down on money laundering.  The resulting bulk currency smuggling of narcotics profits dollarized of large part of the world.


By the mid-1980s, the ESF' s drug smuggling operation was so successful that kids were buying cocaine with their lunch money.

Drug Enforcers Losing Nation's Cocaine War
Massive Government Eradication Efforts Are `Overwhelmed by the Bad Guys,'

Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver - Sep 21, 1986
By Bill Farr; Carol McGraw

The economics of cocaine have changed so radically that it is no longer restricted to the well-to-do. The processing of crystallized cocaine as "rock" or "crack" has SO LOWERED THE PRICEand increased the availability THAT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE POOLING THEIR LUNCH MONEY, "share cropping," as one sheriff's deputy called it, TO BUY COCAINE FROM SCHOOLYARD DEALERS.

This flood of drugs was lethal

Heroin/cocaine are not healthy things.  So if you start distributing tons of heroin/cocaine into a country, hundreds of thousands of people will start to die.  This is what happened in the US in the 1980s.

The ESF' s flood of drugs soon lead to a deadly epidemic in the drug using community.


In 1982, it was clear that this "AIDS epidemic" WAS NOT CAUSED BY AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE.  As this article shows:

Incidence Of Disease Growing
The Dispatch - Google News Archive - May 12, 1982

“no evidence that the condition is spread from person to person”

“the general public need not fear an epidemic”

“most experts say that if there is an infectious cause, it is not a single organism”


Unless your life was filled with frequent sex and frequent drug use, you were in absolutely no danger of getting AIDs.

This “AIDS epidemic” became a threat to the ESF

Since the ESF was in the process of piping tons of cocaine/heroin into the US (and was therefore the principle cause of the "AIDS epidemic"), it initially ignored the problem.  However, soon congress was under enormous pressure to “do something” because of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that were dying.

Any crackdown on the true cause of this epidemic (wild behavior and drug use) was a threat to the ESF, which is why the HIV=AIDS Fraud was born.

The HIV=AIDS Fraud

The ESF solved the problem by turning to its Wurlitzer (propaganda machine)...

And inventing another cause of AIDS:  the HIV virus.

Thanks to the HIV=AIDS Fraud, the government handed out free needles instead of cracking down on drug use.

The truth about the "AIDS epidemic"

Watch the documentary below for the truth about the "AIDS epidemic":

HIV=AIDS: Fact Or Fraud

(if you watch only one section of this documentary, watch part 3)

hiv-aids fact or fraud part1 by neotaku2040

hiv-aids fact or fraud part 2 by neotaku2040

hiv-aids fact or fraud part3 by neotaku2040

hiv-aids fact or fraud part4 by neotaku2040

hiv-aids fact or fraud part5 by neotaku2040

hiv-aids fact or fraud part6 by neotaku2040

hiv-aids fact or fraud part7 by neotaku2040

This documentary should give you an idea of how much blood US media have on their hands.

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9 Responses to *****The HIV=AIDS Fraud*****

  1. Mark says:

    So are you saying homosexuals are more likely to get aids because they are outcasts and take certain drugs?

  2. Mark says:

    You have a graph that says sex with strangers with an arrow pointing to aids (this would seem obvious but that is assuming aids is a virus)

    If aids is not an infectious disease then sex with strangers would not lead to spreading aids. The only connection would mean that people who use drugs normally have sex with strangers

  3. Gordon Pratt says:

    One of the finest books of any type I have read is Peter Duesberg's "Inventing the AIDS Virus." Duesberg (picture appears on screen shot, part 7, above) was the first virologist to discover a gene which causes cancer, for which he was awarded the NIH Distinguished Researcher award. However, the NIH denied him the all but automatic renewal of the grant when he declined to get on board the AIDS gravy train. The only other scientist so denied (as of 1996) was double Nobel prize winner Linus C Pauling who offended the establishment with his belief Vitamin C can cure cancer.
    Keep up the good work Eric, you are making some amazing connections.

  4. LA Lawyer says:

    I felt like my earlier post was adding fuel to the fire. It was from the early 1990's.

    See: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2010-11/gi-dhc111610.php

    About the drug money theory
    How about this...
    1. When oil started to be traded for US Dollars and not the British Pound in the mid 1970s the export of billions of US dollars started. Hence the growth of US dollars overseas. [See The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy: A-H page 970]

    2. With the collapse of the Brenton Woods system in 1971 the system was flooded with dollars. International reserves have surged 2000%.

    3. Deficits stopped mattering because the US started to collect seigniorage revenue from being the reserve currency. They essentially exported inflation.

    How about this, the Asian economies are moving away from the dollar. Where will the US be when it cannot collect seigniorage revenue from printing money for foreigners and receiving capital goods in return.... there is an aging population in Japan relying on retirement accounts held in US dollars. They may have to sell off $250 billion dollars in the coming few years. Talk about flooding the market with dollars at the exact wrong time...

  5. LA Lawyer says:

    Upon reading the other posts further I must say well researched on the bulk money laundering connection.

    Just this HIV/AIDS is out there for me....

  6. Late Sleeper says:

    Your HIV non-link to AIDS is an interesting proposition; however, as a physician I have watched HIV become AIDS in numerous population groups, some of which are NOT related to drug use. I know the proprietor of a particular protease-inhibitor which works specifically on the virus and has had marked clinical success in both groups of HIV patients who are AIDS positive and those who are AIDS negative. To say that AIDS is due to drug use is a leap at best. However, I do agree completely that governments and other affiliates that run our lives are, shall we say - "less than truthful" on almost absolutely everything and so I encourage you to continue digging and speaking your mind wherever the truth may lead you. - Peace.

    • Eric deCarbonnel says:

      "as a physician I have watched HIV become AIDS in numerous population groups"

      Were these populations groups taking lethal anti-hiv drugs like AZT? Toxic drugs like AZT cause AIDS.

      Watch the documentory

      • LA Lawyer says:

        Documentary states at one point 50-50 correlation between males and females isn't happening among army recruits, rather 90% of HIV+ are males and 80% of hard drugs are used by males, ergo drugs causes AIDS. [correlation argument]

        Fact, most of those with AIDS were gay men (anal sex with multiple partners spreads the virus). Basically 80 % of drug users were not gay. A lot of straight men used drugs and did not get AIDS and visa versa.

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