Having finished my video series about the ESF and its history, there is nothing left to research.  All the big mysteries have been answered (why JFK died, why 9-11 happened, why there are so many “conspiracy theories”, etc…) in a way that I am satisfied with.  So MarketSkeptics.com will be going back to daily blog entries about current events.

As with Harry Markopolos’s warnings about Madoff's Ponzi scheme, I am not sure how much impact these videos will have on the ESF's ongoing fraud. Only after a Ponzi scheme ends do people realize how obvious it was.

The flaw in any Ponzi scheme is that in the end the promises being made have no collective chance of being kept. UNTIL A DAY OF RECKONING DAWNS, however, THE SPONSORS' FALSE PROMISES ARE MISTAKEN FOR TRUTH AND PARTICIPANTS IN THE SCHEME APPEAR TO PROSPER. The apparent prosperity of the enterprise tends to disarm critics of the scheme

… The scheme’s sponsors know that they are running a con game, but subscribers do not. Keeping subscribers and potential critics from learning or guessing this hidden information becomes increasingly difficult the longer the scheme goes on. Once economically unsound elements in the scheme begin to surface—as inevitably they must—public confidencecan collapse rapidly.

Below is quick summery of the videos about the treasury’s ESF:

The ESF and Its History (Part 1)

The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) is a super-secret treasury operation.  The ESF's official purpose is defending (stabilizing) the value of the dollar.  It operates from within the New York Fed and has authority over all International Monetary Affairs.  The ESF keeps a low profile using the Fed as a front

In 1934, the treasury hijacked the Federal Reserve through the gold reserve act.  The treasury’s ESF was created and took control of America's gold.  The ESF was a guaranteed disaster because it operates with dictatorial power and no oversight.

The ESF and Its History (Part 2)

The ESF’s begins financing covert operations during World War II and has been running the US black budget ever since.  The ESF designs the current international monetary system (with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency), and creates the IMF and World Bank in its own image to finance cold war covert operations.

The ESF and Its History (Part 3)

Under the cover of “foreign aid”, the ESF wastes the US’s monetary wealth funding all manner of CIA operations: overthrowing democracies around the world, setting up a worldwide propaganda network, etc…  By the late 1950s, the ESF had spent the entire US gold reserves.

Faced with a collapse of the dollar, which would reveal what the treasury had done to wreck the world’s monetary system, the people at the ESF began defending the dollar like their lives depended on it (because they did).

The ESF and Its History (Part 4)

In the 1960s, the ESF begins its desperate dollar defense and multi-decade Ponzi scheme.  This involves:

•  Currency interventions to prop up the dollar (by borrowing foreign money)
•  Gambling in derivative markets
•  The London Gold Pool
•  Deceiving the world (debasing statistics, propaganda, corrupting economics, etc)
•  Arm-twisting "pro-US" governments
•  Seeking repayment on phony IMF and World Bank loans

President Kennedy disagrees with the ESF and dies.  Things spiral out of the ESF's control until the 1980s when deficits stopped mattering.

The ESF and Its History (Part 5)

Explains why deficits stopped mattering.  This involves:

•  Iran-Contra and the Reagan Doctrine
•  Dollarizing the world through bulk currency shipments
•  Treasury profits from the "war on drugs"
•  The HIV=AIDs fraud
•  The Mighty Wurlitzer Plays On
•  The "superdollar"

Describes the breakdown in the flow of heroin in 2001 and how deficits were about to start mattering again.  Then 9-11 happened, and now 93% of the world’s heroin is produced under protection of US troops.

Explains the structure of a Ponzi scheme and why there are so many “conspiracy theories” today; how the financial system has been corrupted using the “bad banker” deception; and, finally, how the ESF's dollar fraud is collapsing.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

For the links to all the material covered in Videos, click here.

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