About MarketSkeptics

MarketSkeptics aims to provide insights by taking a hard look at the economy and financial system while ignoring the mindless optimism found on Wall Street. To this end, MarketSkeptics will closely monitor economic/political developments around the world, the government's various market interventions (bailouts), the state of the job/housing markets, and other current economic indicators (inflation, Libor, etc).

Understanding the big picture about the fundamentals driving the economy is key to predicting broad trends in the market and finding attractive investment opportunities.

About Me

In October 2007, while I was looking up information about the subprime crisis, I read some articles about bond insurers, SIVs, and how credit ratings worked. I remember thinking to myself: "I can't believe this! the US financial system is an enormous ponzi scheme." I went short the market and sent out emails to my family and friends warning of a market crash. Since then, I have closely followed what's been happening in the economy, because I believe the best way to understand something is to watch it fall apart.

I started my blog, MarketSkeptics.com, in September 2008. Since I was regularly sending out warning emails, I decided to post these warnings online and earn some ad revenue.

Here are the links to some of the my old emails from before MarketSkeptics.com:

October 2007 emails warning about a stock market crash

January/February 2008 emails warning about credit bubble, inflation, and deflation

Emails About 2008 Oil Bubble

Setting Up A Fund To Invest In Russian Agriculture

I have moved to Russia and am setting up a fund to invest in Russian agriculture. Please read *****2010 Food Crisis for Dummies***** for more information on the case for agriculture.

A Note on Advertising

As I am pretty much devoting my full attention towards maintaining this site and covering the financial crisis, donations and advertising revenue are my primary sources of income right now. Currently, there are two sources of ad revenue for the site.

The first form of advertising revenue comes from Google ads. These display contextual ads based on the content of the page they appear on. Although I have little control over what shows up, I do try to filter out inappropriate ads when I see them (chnlove.com, match.com, etc…).

The second form of advertising comes from the eBay banner to the right. I particularly like this banner as I find it useful to see where the eBay price gold is trading. EBay isn' t the cheapest place to buy gold, but it does offer two advantages: you can pay with a credit card and your gold is shipped right away. Just make sure you buy gold from a seller with a lot of positive feedback.

Donations are also welcome and appreciated.

For media requests

Please feel free to quote from the blog (with a reference). Also, please feel free to email me. (Don' t be surprised if there is a slight delay before hearing back from me: I am still adjusting to the volume of emails MarketSkeptics.com has begun to generate.)

Thank you and best regards to all.


5 Responses to About MarketSkeptics

  1. Dear Mr. deCarbonnel,

    Thank you for your online video from April 16th. I provided link to it at

    All the best,

    Dimi Chakalov

  2. Nicholas Scholten says:

    I just watched 4 of your youtube videos. Amazing... especially the one regarding the treasury market. I have heard analysts discussing the pending doom of the long term bond market for over 2 years now. Understanding the principals stated in your video one can see the pending doom of attempting to short the bond market at the wrong time.

    If and when is the time to short the bond market, that is the question?

  3. Ryan Fleming says:

    I just would like to say thank you for being truthful and i can't wait for this bubble to pop so people can have peace and love again as we enter the dark rift in time fear not because we have the technology to fix every problem in the world in one word unity

  4. UP4Liberty says:

    Dear Eric,
    Brilliant reporting. These 4 videos (soon to be 5) are the missing link and greatly clarify many of the unclear factors affecting our lives. I am deeply grateful for your efforts. Best of luck to you - cheers!

  5. Dr Durden says:

    Stellar work. Just sent a donation. Can't wait for more material.

    I'm going back for a 3rd time to watch your ESF series it's so loaded with juicy details. Your hard work has really paid off.

    Keep it up, Eric!

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